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At the beginning of the play Gerald appears to be a polite, respectable young gentleman. Mr Birling is aware that the Crofts are socially superior to the Birling's. Gerald agrees and shares’ Mr Birling's capitalistic views on making love, he also has a patronizing attitude towards Eric similar to Mr Birling “Not if it was just after the holidays They’d all be broke – if I know them”. Gerald wants to make a good impression of himself because of his recent engagement to Sheila. If we look at the theme of class, we can see that Gerald was prepared to marry Sheila, despite her lower social position, this shows Gerald as a non-stereotypical individual. Gerald seems to have a lot more self-confidence compared to Eric.
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This shows he is similar to Mr Birling, wanting to protect his own interests, also shows an evasive side to his character. Gerald tries to brush off all information he knows about Eva to Sheila to prevent her from knowing this shows him to be conniving. “I didn’t “, “Why should I have known her?” Gerald wants be ‘off the hook’ and guise himself as an innocent little chilld..
Gerald tries to protect Sheila from the revelations about his affair with Eva; I think he does this because he doesn’t want his affair to be exposed. “Inspector, I think Miss Birling ought to be excused any more of this questioning “. When Gerald realises that he can’t lie, he honestly tells the truth and admits what he did without any hesitations “all right if you must”. The stalls bar of the Palace Variety Theatre, where Eva Smith met Gerald was the bar for the lower classes and a favourite hangout of prostitutes; we could suggest why Gerald was there in the first place? Priestley is trying to show that the upper classes are unaware that the easy lives they lead rest upon hard work of the proletariat. Gerald has a genuine strong feeling right from the start for Daisy Renton, we can see this by the things he says.

me looking at her and then gave me a glance that was nothing less than a cry for help”, Gerald also tells the inspector that he arranged for her to live in his friends flat, he did this because he

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