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Define a "narrative" work of art
one that "tells a story"
Define an "abstract" work of art
has only a stylized or symbolic reference to objects in nature - more about information than a realistic depiction
Identify the following for the work of art, Venus of Willendorf:
Medium, Culture/ Style, Bracket Dates
Limestone, Paleolithic, 30,000 - 9,000 BC
Name 4 Key concepts of the Paleolithic Culture.
1. People were hunter-gatherers
2. Base concern: fertility
3. Images & objects linked to rituals
4. Images both stylized & naturalistic
What are the bracket dates for Paleolithic Art?
30,000 - 9,000 BC
Define: post and lintel
As in Stonehenge, large stone posts (monoliths), capped by stone "beams" used to span an opening (lintel)
Identify the following for the work of art, Bisons:
Medium, Culture/Style, Bracket Dates
Cave painting


30,000 - 9,000 BC
What are the primary concerns in the Paleolithic Culture?
fertility, food, survival
What are the bracket dates for Neolithic Art?
9,000 - 3,200 BC
Name 4 Key Concepts of the Neolithic Culture.
1. New values linked to new life-style (new interest in afterlife & concerns beyone simple survival)
2. No longer hunter-gatherers (fixed communities, agriculture & animal husbandry)
3. Emphasis on cycles of life & cycles of seasons
4. Art - More images of humans, more abstract than paleolithic art
Identify the following for the work of art, Stonehenge, England:
Culture/ Style, Bracket Dates
9,000 - 3,200 BC
Is Venus of Willendorf a naturalistic or stylized work of art? What does she represent?
Represents an exagerrated womanly figure symbolizing fertility.
Identify the following for the work of art, Human Skull:
Medium, Culture/ Style, Bracket Dates
Human skull & plaster
9,000 - 3,200 BC
Define: Megalith
A large, rough-hewn stone used in the construction of monumental prehistoric structures.
Define composite view
when a figure is represented in both profile and frontally for another part of the body. More about information than accurate representation.