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Henry Fox Talbot
English inventor of the Calotype/Talbotype
Exposition Universelle, Paris
1889; Eiffel Tower built for this fair
John Ruskin
critic and art historian; influenced the PRB; founder of the Arts and Crafts Movement
Great World's Fair, London
1862; attended by Japanese ambassadors; Japanese decor became fashionable
Great World's Fair, London
Japanese decor becomes fashionable and artists incorporate Japanese character into their art
the Abbe Laugier
"Essay on Architecture" (mid 1750s); influence on Neoclassical architecture movement
Dante Gabriel Rossetti
PRB Founder 1848
"Ten Books on Architecture"; influence on Neoclassical architecture movement
Eugene Durieu
French photographer; collaborated with Delacroix
Great Exhibition, London
Eadweard Muybridge
English born photographer who worked in California; influenced the Impressionists
Louis-Jacques-Mande Daguerre
French inventor of the daguerreotype
French photographer; influenced the Impressionists
Joseph Niepce
French inventor of the heliograph
The Germ
PRB Journal first published in 1850
Albert Sands Southworth
photographer; partner of Johnson
John Everett Millais
PRB Founder 1848
Hippolyte Jouvin
Eugene Delacroix
French artist; collaborated with Durieu to produce photos
Gertrude Kasebier
American photographer
Ford Maddox Brown
PRB artist
Timothy O'Sullivan
William Holman Hunt
PRB Founder 1848
Josiah Johnson
photographer; partner of Southworth
William Morris
PRB artist; later a founder of the Arts and Crafts movement
Pictures of the floating world