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What is ACC 100
Permanent assignement for duty
What is ACC 101
Failed to report for duty
What is ACC 109
Declared deserter
What is ACC 499
In transit
What copy of the DD214 go to the member
Original and copy number 4
Where does copy number 2 of the DD214 go
Where does copy number 3 of the DD214 go
Department of Veteran Affairs
Where does copy number 5 of the DD214 go
U.S. Department of Labor
Where does copy number 6 of the DD214 go
Department of Veterans Affairs State Director
Where does copy number 7 of the DD214 go
Officer copy - destroyed

Enslisted copy - Field service record
What is a RE-3 code
Eligible for reenlistment if corrections are made
What is a RE-4 code
Ineligible for reenlsitment
What is a RE-5 code
USNR-R released after serving 90 or more days of Active Duty for Training
What is a RE-6 Code
Ineligible or denied reenlistment due to High Year Tenure
What is RE-7 Code
Completed the initial 2-year active duty obligation under the 2x8 Naval Reserve Program