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What is SECNAVINST 5216.5D?
Department of the Navy Correspondence Manual
Although correspondence must be neat in appearance, what number of legible ink changes are permitted on a page?
What form is available to track the status of controlled correspondence?
OPNAV 5511/7
Normally, when should routine correspondence be answered?
Within 10 working days or within the time set be the incoming correspondence
What are the three versions of the "from-to" memorandum?
Printed memorandum forms
Plain-paper memorandum
Letterhead memorandum
When may you use the Plain-paper memo?
For informal communcations within your activity
What is a "Memorandum for the Record" (MTR)
An internal document used to record information in that record that is not recorded elsewhere
What directive contains the numberical subject identification coding system?
Primary subjects are designated by what digits
The last three digits
What directive spells out the retention period of official files?
What publication provides the authority for disposition of naval recods?
Where are recommendations for changes to SECNAVINST 5212.5 submitted
What form is used to forward retention material to a federal records center?
Records Transmittal and Receipt (SF135) prepared in triplicate
What contains instructions on the shipping procedures for classified records
DON Information Security Program Regulation
Who issued the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States
The President
Who prepares the MCM
Office of the Secretary of Defense
Who prepares and distributes the United States Navy Uniform Regulations
The Chief of Naval Personnel
Who prepares the Department of the Navy Correspondence Manual
OPNAV and approved by the SECNAV
What directive contains procedures for classigying, marking, and handling classified information, and for access to and authorized disclosure of the information
Department of the Navy Information Security Program Regulation (SECNAVINST5510.36)
What manaul is published by NPC to provide for the adminstration of the advancement system?
How does the lineal number system work?
The system works inversely- the lower the lineal number, the higher the seniority.
What manual published by NPC contains classification structures that are used in identifying officer requirements and offficer occupational data?
The Manual of Navy Officer Manpower and Personnel Classification
(NAVPERS 15839G)
How are cancellation determinations indicated on a notice?
At the top right corner (Canc Frp:) and/or as a last paragraph titled "Cancellation Contingency:"
What manual is published to assist in the proper discharge of the casualty assistance calls progrm
Manual for the Navy Casualty Assistance Calls Program (BUPERSINST 1770.3)
Who prepares the Officer Distribution Control Report (ODCR) monthly for each naval activity with officer billet authorizations?
What number of copies of the OCDR are received by the activity
What is a Transaction Code
An alphanumeric code expressing a personnel transaction without having to spell it out
What are the categories of Transaction Codes
Gain transactions; loss transactions; miscellaneous changes and other transactions, and memorandum transactions.
What is the Accounting Category Code (ACC) for LIMDU?
What Billet Sequence Code (BSC) is used to report an officer "in excess" who is not assigned an authorized billet?
Wha TAC is used for an enlisted gain received on board for duty?
What ACC is used for an enlisted TAR received on board for duty?
How many sections are there to the EDVR?
What is Section 1 of the EDVR
Prospective Gains
What is Section 2 of the EDVR
Prospective Losses
What is Section 3 of the EDVR
TEMDU, Administratively dromped from Navy Stregth, ALPHA listing
What is Section 4 of the EDVR
Total personnel onboard in distribution community sequence
What is Section 5 of the EDVR
Personnel Status Summary
What is Section 6 of the EDVR
Distribution NEC Management
What is Section 7 of the EDVR
NEC Billet and personnel summary
What is Section 8 of the EDVR
NEC inventory Section
What is Section 9 of the EDVR
Officer/Enlisted Diary Message Summary
What is Section 10 of the EDVR
Duty Preference Listing
What is Section 11 of the EDVR
Security and Data Validation Section
What is Section 12 of the EDVR
Which digit of the officer designator indicates the officer's status
The fourth
What are line officers
Those in military command, or who can succed to military command, of combatant forces
What are staff officers
Specialized advisors trained in one specific area. They aren't in direct line of command and cannot succed to command a ship
What are the three general categories of line officers
Unrestricted, restricted, and limited duty officers
What are unrestricted officers
An officer whose primary concern is the operation of naval ships or aircraft
What are restircted officers
Officers designated for engineering duty, aeronautical engineering duty, or special duty.
What naval officer wears a gold oak leaf with a silver acorn in the center insignia
Medical corps
Wha naval officer wears a sprig of three oak leaves and three acorns insignia
Supply corps
What naval officer wears two gold oak leaves with a silver mill rinde in the center insignia
What is the source of the Navy's information security program
DON Information Security Program Regulation (SECNAVINST 5510.36)
What control form is maintained to identigy each Top Secret document and all personnel who have had access to it
A Disclosure Record (OPNAV Form 5511/13)
Who may be appointed as a command security manager
An officer or a civilian empoyee, GS-11 pr above

SSBI within the previous 5 yrs
Who may be designated as an assistant security manager
E-6 or above
GS-6 or above
What is a TSCO and who is he responsible to
Top Secre Control Officer

The Security manager
What Navy official is responsible for ensuring the DON has an effect Personnel Security Program and for complying with all directives issued by higher authority
Who is the senior secruity of the DON
Direction, Naval Criminal Investigative Serives
Who is the personnel security adjudicative determination authority for all DON personnel
What type of PSI is requested on a member who re-enlist after a break in active service greater than 24 months
National Agency Check (NAC)
What type of PSI is required to support suitability determinaltions on military officers and Secret and Confidential security clearance determinals
National Agency Check with Loagal Agency and Credit Checks (NACLC)
What is the scope of an SSBI
Covers the most recent 10 years of the subject's life or from the 18th birthday
What is the investigative basis for a Top Secret clearance eligibility
What is the investigative basis for a Secret or Confidential clearance eligibility
A favorably completed NACLC or ANACI
How often must a Secret clearance investigation be updated
Every 10 years
How often must a Confidential clearance clearance be updated
Every 15 years
When must a command notify DON CAF that a member's access to classified information has been suspended for cause?
Within 10 days
How often must all personnel who have access to classified information receive a refressher briefing or equivalent training by supervisory personnel designed to enhance security awareness
Once a year
What are the five unit awards normally available, in order of precedence
The presidential Unit Citation, Joint Meritorious Unit Award, the Navy Unit Commendaiton, the Meritorious Unit Commendation, and the Navy "E" Ribbon
What U.S. decorations may not be awarded to personnel of foreign nations.
Medal of Honor, Meritorious Medal, Navy Achievement Medal, Purple Heart and Combat Action Ribbon
Who approves and awards the Medal of Honor
The President in the name of Congress
How long agter the date of an award act, can the Medal of Honor, Navy Cross, Silver Cross Medal, or Navy and Marine Corps Medal be awarded, unless specifically waived by SECNAV
Within 5 years