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what was rome main economic problem
that the soil was no longer fertile, therefor the could not grow enough crops to feed the population
what were the results for the fall of rome
the conqust of barbarians and the sack of rome
what was the main city of the eastern half of the roman empire
what was the hagia sophia
it was a byzantine church in constantiople
what is the arabic word for god
who was the founder of islam
what was the holiest city of islamic religion
what si the holy book of islam
the korean
deine the turks
cheif amoung them were ferocioius attacks of a nomadic people from central asia
eastern roman empire is head of what?
church and government
the slavs converted to what religion?
what is the Cyrillic alphabet and where is it used
it is an alphabet the was invented for the slavic language and is used in some slavic countries
define guild
it is an asscaition of people who work of the same occupation
define feudalism
a poltical and military systme based on the holding of land, w/ the emphasis on local protection, local gov't and local self-suffiency
what changed from the fall of rome to the middle ages
the move of the capital constantiple moved from rome to Byzantine
early crusadesn were fought to win the holy land from whom?
who were the northern invaders of europe from 800 to 1000 AD
the vikings
that was the battle of hastings
struggle between Harold the Second of England and Duke William of Normandy. The prize to the victor - The throne of England.
ehat country did the renassiance begin
in italty
defien renassiance
what ere the new values during the renassiance
to bring back classical culture of greece and rome
what was the famous family from florence
the ideas of the renassicane spread b/c of the inventions of what?
the printing press
who painted the sistine chapel
define perspective
a techinigue developed that gives objets the appearence of distance
define vernacular
everyday language of his homeland
what is the another anme for prince henry
henry the navigator
what si the purpose of the treaty Tordesillas
to move the line a fewdegrees farther west
what was the reason for spains strength increasing during the exploration age
the discover of gold and silver