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Area in which a foreign nation gained conplete control over a given region and its local population
Local ruler keeps his title, but the officials of foreign power control the region.
Two nations rule the land as partners. A concession was the grant of economic rights and privileges in a given area.
sphere of influence
region in which one nation had special, sometimes exclusive, economic and political priviliges that were recognized by other nations.
Flyswatter, French occupied Algiers and fought rebellions,
Near Algiers, Bey received money from France, Bey put higher taxes on people to pay debts, country bankrupt, France was allowed free hand and Britain would have Cyprus
Strait of Gibraltar, France, Britain, Spain, Germany wanted, France offered not to interfere with Britain's interest in Egypt or Italy's Libya, offered Spain a sphere of influence in North Morrocco, Germany nothing
Government purchased Suez canal stock, Isma'il's expenses made country in debt, Britain purchased stock and gained control of canal, briefly ruled Egypt when country in chaos
Good for Britain because can control Nile, French wanted because had land around area, Marchand (French) and Kitchener (Britain) fought, Britain's strong naval forces and army caused France to yield, Britain masteres of Sudan, France claimed French West Africa
Not fertile land, Italy picked it up for small power, natives Turks fought hard by Italy won, not good for Italy's economy