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What is the name of the oldest hominid found to date?
She was named after a Beatles song...
'Homo habilis' was the first...
They nicknamed the first Homo habilis fossil, 'Handy Man.'
Whose brains were larger: Neanderthals or Cro-Magnons?
Civilization is defined as having four characteristics. True or false?
False. It has five.
The Bronze Age is when people began using what for tools and weapons?
Bronze, duh!
What was a pyramid-shaped temple in Ur called?
It's a very weird name. It starts with a 'z'!
Cuneiform, used by early scribes for record keeping, was written using reeds. What shape were the reeds?
It's not square!
Polytheism is a belief in one or many gods?
Many gods.
When rulers pass their powers on to their sons, it creates a...
Describe the Fertile Crescent.
The Fertile Crescent is an arc of rich farmland in Southeast Asia, between the Persian Gulf and Mediterranean Sea.
Mesopotamia lies between what two rivers?
The Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers.
I wonder if tigers live near one of the rivers?
When a number of countries are controlled by one ruler, it is called...
An empire.
How many ranks were in the social class of Sumer?
Four: Kings, wealthy merchants, ordinary Sumerian's, and slaves.
The Babylonian ruler who created a code of laws is named...
I bet he used a hammer to defeat his enemies!
City-states were first controlled by who?
It wasn't a king, they came later.
The 'Epic of Gilgamesh' is a...
Since money hadn't been invented, the first people had to trade to get what they wanted. This type of trading is called...
Workers skilled at doing one trade are called...
Is art a trade?
Mesopotamia is located in what present country?
Did the Fertile Crescent touch the Mediterranean Sea or the Persian Gulf?
It's best to find a map for this question.