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World War I occured during which years?
1914 - 1918
Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the heir to which country's throne?
How many people died in WWI?
about 10 million
When Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, which country mobilized to help Serbia?
Which three countrise made up the Allies?
Britain, Russia, France, and Serbia
Which three countries made up the Central Powers?
Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and Turkey.
What were the main causes of WWI?
Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, and Nationalism.
Name one new weapon of World War I.
the machine gun
Describe the trenches.
6ft deep and 6ft wide, zigzaged, with sandbags and barbed wire.
What was the passenger ship that was sunk by a German submarine in 1915?
Which country enterd the war because of the Zimmerman Note?
the United States
Who was the leader of the Russian Revolution?
Who were the Bolsheviks?
Russian revolutionaries
Who was the "mad monk" who advised the czarina (queen)?
Who was the last monarch of Russia?
Nicholas II
Why did Russia pull out of WWI?
losses in lives
What were the causes of the Russian Revolution?
unfair treatmen of peasents, a failed government, WWI
Which country did Russia suffer a humiliating defeat to in 1904?
What was Russia's new name changed to after the Russian Revolution?
What was the name of the temporary government in Russia?
Provisional Government
Lenin supported a dictatorship led by:
the Bolsheviks
What were the causes of the Great Depression?
German reparations, overproduciton, debt, and uneven wealth distribution.
After WWI the U.S. pursued a policy of:
What were the major effects of the Treaty of Versailles?
Germany was severally punished
What did France build to defend themselves against the Germans?
The Rhineland
Who was the founder of Fascism?
Who is Joseph Stalin?
Totalitarian of Russia
What was the Great Purge?
the attempt to rid all opposition to Stalin
which organization failed to stop WWII?
the League of Nations
What did Stalin lie to about the public?
He promised he was democratic
Which country invaded Manchuria, Korea, and China in the 1930s?
Which country signed a nonagression pact with the Soviet Union?
Who was the leader of Nazi Germany's third Reich?
Who was the mastermind of the "island-hopping" campaign?
Who was the supreme commander of the Allied forces in Europe?
What year did the USSR switch to the Allies?
Why did Japan use kamikaze warfare?
It showed loyalty to their country
What did British, American, Canadian, and Frech troops invade on D-Day?
Normandy, France
Which of Hitler's aggressive actions triggered England and France to declare war on Germany?
the invasion of Poland
Japan's surrender came less than a week after which event?
the bombing of Nagasaki
Which event made Americans willing to enter World War II?
Pearl Harbor
What was the "final solution to the Jewish question" announced by the Nazis?
The Holocaust
Who was the dictator of the Soviet Union during World War II?
Joseph Stalin
Who was the prime minister of England during World War II?
Winston Churchill
Who decided to drop the bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
Harry Truman
Who was the General who helped the Japanese form a new government after the war?
Who were the dictators of World War II?
Stalin, Hitler, Hirohito, and Mussolini.
What was teh conferance that was a meeting between the Allies on what to do with Germany after the war?
The Yalta Conferance
Which countries were neutral in WWII?
Sweden, Turkey, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland.
What was the international peace keeping organization developed after World War II?
the United Nations
What was the imaginary line that divided the communist and non-communist countries of Europe?
The Iron Curtain
Which post-World War II war ended in a stalemate?
The Cold War
What word means, "to stop the spread of communism?"
the Bay of Pigs was a failed attempt to overthrow which leader?
Which plan helped Western Europe rebuild after World War II so they wouldn't have to turn to the USSR?
the Molotov Plan
Which country "owned" Vietnam before World War II and then wanted it back after the war?
What was the name of the alliance formed by European Communist nations in response to NATO?
Warsaw Pact
The United States and the Soviet Union had a danergous standoff over the pressence of Soviet missiles in what country?
Why did the Soviets blockade West Berlin?
To separate communist and democratic Germany
Who was the leader of Communits North Vietnam?
Ho Chi Minh
Which countries are Communist today?
China, North Korea, Cuba, Laos, and Vietnam.
Which events signaled the end of the Cold War?
The fall of the Berlin Wall and the fall of communism
What country controlled India before their movement towards independence?
Who was the strong nationalistic leader of the independance movement in Kenya?
Jomo Kenyalta
Which country's independence movement was nonviolent?
Which African country was the first to gain independance?
What is the difference between a revolutionary and a terrorist?
Revolutionaries want change, terrorists want to cause fear.
Which of today's countries are developed?
the United States, Germany, France, and Japan.
Which of today's countries are developing?
China, India, South America, and Africa.
Rwanda genocide:
a civil war agaisnt the Tutsi Tribe and Hutu
Cambodia genocide:
the Pol Pt in aim to create a dictatorship.
Yugoslavia genocide:
A religious and ethnic battle
(The Great Purge) - Stalin eliminating his enemies
Hitler's vision of a master race