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Where are tropical rainforests located in Africa south of the Sahara
near the equator
one of the world's largest savanna plains; wildlife reserve
Serengeti Plains
What caused the Great Rift Valley to form
shifts and tectonic plates
What is the Sahel and where is it located
north steppe that creates a southern border between the Saharra and the savanna
How much rain does the tropical rainforest average per year
more than 60 inches
Where did the early Europeans settle in Africa and why
along the coast; difficult to navigate
What is the most populous country in Africa South of the Sahara
steep jagged slopes or cliffs
over 400 miles, making it the largest lake in Africa
. Lake Tanganyika
towering waterfalls that form when rivers cross escarpments
grassland with shattered trees
largest lake in Africa
Lake Victoria
in central Africa; nearly 3,000 miles long and empties into the Atlantic
Congo (Zaire) River
What is the source of the White Nile
Lake Victoria
What river is Victoria Falls located on
Zambezi River
What is Africa’s tallest mountain and how tall is it?
Mt. Kilimanjaro