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What seas border the country of Turkey?
Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea
What are the 4 major climates found in North Africa and Southwest Asia?
Desert, Mediterranean, Steppe, and Highlands
place in the desert where water is present
Arabs that lived in Israel
On what peninsula would you find the country of Yemen
Arabian Peninsula
streambeds that are dry except during heavy rain
What 3 countries do the Tigris and Euphrates run through
Syria, Turkey, and Iraq
What do the Sahara and Rub al Khali have in common?
they are both deserts
sand and mus deposited by the following water
alluvial soil deposits
3% of land area but home to more than 90% of Egyptians
Nile River Valley
_______________ covers about 50% of North Africa and Southwest Asia
raising and grazing mainly in steppe regions
chemical compound used in fertilizers
triangle shaped section of fertile land at the mouth of a river
The major oil producing countries in the region include
Saudi Arabia, Libya, Kuwait, Iraq, and Iran
"land between the rivers"
How much rain does desert climate average a year
less than 10 inches
world's longest river at 4,160 miles
Nile River
Where are the Atlas Mountains located
Morocco and Algeria
What is the source of the Dead Sea
Jordan River
What country is located on the Anatolian Peninsula
What is the saltiest body of water on earth
Dead Sea