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Almost every mineral used in ______ is found in the region
Import warm water sea that flows into the Mediterranean Sea
Black Sea
Rich, black topsoil found in the region
Twenty percent of the world's total fresh water is found in ____ ______
Lake Baikal
Russia leads the world in producing _________, _______ ___, and _______________
petroleum, natural gas, and hydroelectricity
Vast treeless plains in the north
The North European Plain is ____ of the Ural Mountains
_____ ______ has coniferous and deciduous trees
Mixed forest
More than half of the land is covered with ____ 6 months a year
The ____ _________ divides European Russia and Siberia
Ural Mountains
World's largest area of flat land
Western Siberian Plain
Most of the rivers flow _________ and are ______ most of the year
northward; frozen
Oldest and deepest lake in the world
Lake Baikal
Russia produces __% of the world's coal
The vegetation in the Tundra climate zone is mainly ___ ______ and _____
low grasses and mosses
Russia's highest peak is _____ ______
Mount Elbrus
Forms the natural boundary between Europe and Asia
Ural Mountains
Largest inland body of water in the world
Caspian Sea
The West Siberian Plain is located ____ of the Ural Mountains
About 75% of the region is farther north than the ___________ __
continental U.S.
The deserts and semideserts are ______ with little vegetation