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First form of government in Rome
Aristocracy goverened by nobles, or ___________
Patrician elected by the Senate to supervise the business of government and command the armies
officials elected by plebeians to protect their interests
Some of the rights of tribunes:
could enact laws in the assembly, could hold all government offices--codefication of laws gives them leverage to argue any injustice
Roman army
How did soldiers feel about the Republic?
That it belonged to them
How did Romans treat conquered peoples?
Justly. Even granted citizenship to some.
Who fought in the Punic Wars?
Rome and Carthage
How many different wars make up the set called the Punic Wars?
Who won the Punic Wars?
What were some of the effects of Rome's successful conquests?
-brought tremendous wealth to the already wealthy
-nobles acquired vast estates
-merchants and businessmen filled army contracts and got rich off trade
-farms were left untended (farmers left to go fight)
Who were the Gracchus brothers?
Tribunes who got public funds to feed the poor, redistributed land to the poor, and were murdered by Senate thugs/hired killers
From Republic to _______
Who was the great figure that emerged amidst the chaos and disparity of the poor?
Julius Caesar
Whom did Julius Caesar defeat for control
rival Pompey
What improvements did Caesar make to help the poor?
He made reforms to give jobs and redistributed the land back to the poor
How did Caesar's power come to an end?
He was assassinated by those fearing his popularity
Who defeated Marc Antony and began the first empire?
What did Octavian later change his name to?
Who was the first ruler under the Pax Romana?
Germanic tribes that invaded Rome
the Huns
What happened as a result of the Germanic invasions?
Rome fell (more due to its own weakness than German strength)
What happened after the first true fall of Rome?
-Corrupt, authoritarian government (lost public support)
-Civil wars
-Empire divided as it was being attacked
Who divided the empire into East and West?
Which half of the divided empire was the rich half?
The East
What were some of the economic weaknesses that occured after the division of Rome?
-Heavier taxes were required for the support of the expanding bureaucracy and military efforts
-use of slave labour discouraged cultural innovations
-the self-sufficiency of large estates hurt trade
-small farmers abandoned their land
-middle class sank into poverty; tremendous income gap
Division in ________: some Jews were willing to live under Roman rule while others were not
Those who refused to live under Roman rule were _______
Jesus Christ's greatest missionary
St. Paul
________ edict of Milan
What was the main reason the Coliseum was the beating heart of Rome?
it was Democratic (people had a voice)
Bread and circuses: emperors tried to win the support of the poor with ________ and ______
spectacles and gladiator games