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First wave of feminism
suffrage, Seneca Falls, began in 1800's
Second wave of feminism
late 1960's, reproductive rights, labor rights, violence, etc.
third wave of feminism
now! reproductive rights, global women's rights
What do liberal and cultural feminism have in common?
Women have value, social change needed, women's concerns are worthy of research and analysis
Keep gender roles the same, male centered society
Different forms of backlash
Negative stereotypes, insisting on differences, catfight among women
Steps in scientific inquiry
question formulation, designing research, analyzing data, interpreting and publishing results
favoring people who are perceived as physically attractive
culturally determined pictures of people
Instrumental traits
active, independent, aggressive, direct, dominant, competent (can change the world)
Affective traits
warm, expressive, sensitive (cares more for people than things)
ambivalent sexism
sexist against women in power
hostile sexism
anger towards women
benevolent sexism
seeing women as weak but nice
How does the media impact gender roles?
Gender roles become more rigid
Sexist language
trivializes women eg: "suffragette"
selective attention and encoding
people pay attention to race and sex - they can distinguish between but not within
selective recall
remembering only the things that reinforce stereotypes about someone
behaving to confirm what other people expect
self-fulfilling prophecy
acting a certain way because you believe people think a certain thing about you; perpetuates stereotypes
behavioral confirmation
acting to cause others to behave as you expect
selective causal attributions
shortcuts that assume why people act certain ways "she acts like that because she's a woman"
a person's ability to influence others
Because people think women are weak, they help them more. This leads women to think they are weak, and become more dependent.
tokenism/solo status
the only member of a social category
similarities tradition
women and men are alike, equality
differences tradition
men and women are fundamentally different, women's traits undervalued in society
What does Jean Baker Miller say?
Women develop personality traits to help them deal with subordinate status

once a group is inferior, the dominant group justifies it
What are some problems with Carol Gilligan's moral theory?
Dillemmas were too different, no scoring standard, ignored diversity
What were problems with Kohlberg's moral theory?
Dilemmas specific to men
having two forms
androgens (testosterone, dihydrotestosterone)
needed to form a male
estrogens, progestins
required to make a female
Parts of a sexual profile:
reproductive structure
Intersex Society of North America
founded by Cheryl Chase
Cosmetic surgery on infants is harmful
feel like you were born in the wrong body
Problems with sexual dimorphism
Assumes there are only two sexes, makes men and women polar opposites
people who represent themselves as the opposite sex without surgery
gender constancy
knowing your gender is permanent
gender typing
stereotyping what is "feminine" and what is "masculine"
How do children sex segregate themselves?
Different tables at lunch, girl and boy games

children favor their own sex and devalue the other sex
"to become hairy" the physical changes
"to grow up" the cultural part of puberty
Why do some girls mature late?
mulnutrition, lack of fat, anorexia
What is the "silencing" of girls?
Girls lose the ability to take themselves seriously, "I don't know..."
Who has the most eating disorders?
white women
What are some superstitions related to menstruating women?
pollutant, angry
What does early maturation usually lead to?
earlier adult behaviors, drinking, sex, etc.