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Does Windows 95 have the update utility?
What should you use on a Windows 95 system to see what patches your system has?
True or false: Windows 98 and Windows Me come with Windows Task Scheduler
Windows Task Scheduler
What is the swap file called in Windows 9x and ME?
Name two ways to get to the System Properties in Windows 9x/Me.
1. Click on My Computer, right click on it, and click on Properties.

2. Go to Control Panel, click on the System applet.
Where in 9x/ME do you go in the System Properties to adjust the Virtual Memory?
the performance tab
You want to change where the swap file is in Windows 98. You go to the System Properties, Performance Tab, and click Virtual Memory. What radio button do you now push?
Let me specify my own virtual memory settings.
In a Windows 98 system, if you have RAM of 64MB, how much does Myers reccomend you make your swap file?
A)0-64MB B) 128-192MB C)192-256MB
B (Remember though that you may need to raise it for some programs)
You want to tweak the Disk Caching by Windows 98. You do System Properties
What do you do next?
Click File System
_______.dll and _________.exe compromise the kernel in 9x/Me
Kernel32.dll Krnl386.exe
______.dll and ______.exe control the mouse keyboard, ports and desktop, including the position of windows, icons and dialog boxes
User32.dll and User.exe
_____.dll and _____.exe draw screens graphics and lines and manage printing
GDI32.dll and GDI.exe
Windows 9x/ME use extended memory?
Do 16bit Windows apps in 9x/ME use hte System virtual memory?
yes, but they have their own memory space
does Windows 9x/ME use memory paging?
Does Windows 9x/ME exclusively use 32 bit drivers?
In Windows 9x/ME initialization files can have these two file extensions.
.inf .ini
To find the Control Panel in 98, go to Start, _____, Control Panel
To view the Video Driver in 98, go to Settings, Control Panel, double click ______ and press the settings tab
You are using Windows 98 and have opened the Display Properties. What button to you push to change the video card driver?
to uninstall a device in Windows 98 go to the _____e _____r
Device Driver
To get to the device Manager in Windows 98, go to Start, Settings, Control Panel, double click _________ and then click device manager
What is the minimum amount of RAM for Windows 95?
What is the reccomended amount of RAM for Windows 95?
What is the minimum ram amount of ram for Windows 98?
What is the reccomended amount of RAM for Windows 98?
In Windows 98 Device Manager there are two ways to view a device. What are they?
by type and by connection
What four things does a system need to be Plug and Play?
1. All hardware devices, expansion cards PNP 2. BIOS is PNP 3. OS is PNP 4. 32-bit driver available
True or false: Win9x/ME works better with 32 bit drivers
True or false, when you modify the control panel you modify the registry?
In Windows 98, you want to modify the registry. Before you do so, what files should you back that up?
system.dat and user.dat
In Windows 98, what is the tool used to edit the registry directly?
You are installing windows 98, and you get an error message about the BIOS. What is most likely the problem?
The bios is not allowing changes to the boot sector to be connected from viruses.
During the first restart after the installation, you get an error message about a missing or damaged VxD file.
Run Windows setup again and select the option to verify or replace the missing virtual device driver.