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to read
a citi
to be
a fi
to have
a avea
to eat
a mânca
to drink
a bea
to make
a face
to write
a scrie
to hear
a auzi
to talk
a vorbi
to walk, to go
a merge
to go to sleep
a se culca
to sleep
a dormi
to wake up
a se trezi
I am
eu sunt
you are
tu eşti
voi sunteţi
he/she/it is
el/ea este
we are
noi suntem
they are
ei/ele sunt
I have
eu am
he/she/it has
el/ea are
we have
noi avem
you have
aveti (formal)
ai (informal)
they have
ei/ele au
to understand
a înţelege