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I am an asymmetrical molecule. A dipole.

I am hydrophilic.

An example of me would be water.

What am I?
A Polar Molecule
I am a symmetrical/balanced molecule.

I am hydrophobic.

An example of me would be lipids (fats)

What am I?
A Nonpolar Molecule
I have strong H2 attractions between molecules.

I am very POLAR.

I have a HIGH specific heat & a HIGH heat of vaporization.

I can dissolve all polar molecules.

I am sometimes called as a "universal solvent".

I have a strong cohesion property, which makes molecules stick together.

Ice is less dense than me.

What am I?
You can drink it . . .
I am the building block of proteins.

There are 20 different types of me.

Humans can only synthesize 12 and must ingest the other 8.

What am I?
Amino Acid
I can control the rate of reaction.

We are organic CATALYSTS.

I can lower the energy of activation.

I am assisted by coenzymes (vitamin) and cofactors (minerals).

I begin to denature at above 40 degrees C in humans.

Different types of me function at different levels of pH.

Function based on INDUCED FIT.

What am I?
I am an enzyme.