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Global jet streams are what?
high pressure belts of air that flow from west to east
Describe a maritime tropical air mass.
It is moist and warm.
What kind of winds are located at 30 degrees north and south latitudes?
horse latitudes
What is convection?
Transfer of heat in a fluid.
What weather comes from stationary fronts?
Usually rain.
What instruments are used to measure the following:
Temperature, air pressure, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and rain?
Air Pressure-barometer
Wind speed-anemometer
Wind direction-wind vane
Rain-rain gage
What is radiation?
The transfer of heat in waves.
What is standard air pressure messured at?
0 degrees C. and sea level
What is the difference between isotherms and isobars?
Isotherms are lines that connected places with the same temperatures and isobars connect places with the same air pressure.
What kind of weather is associated with an occluded front?
Less extreme weather.
What do global winds do?
They cause unequal heating of the earth's surface.
What is conduction?
Direct transfer of heat energy from one substance to another.
What front occurs when cold air meets and replaces a mass of warm air?
A cold front
What happens when there is less air pressure?
There is less density, more water vapor, more elevation, and colder temperature.
What are the 3 causes of weather?
Heat energy, air pressure & winds, and moisture.
Are trade winds weak or strong winds?
Strong winds.
What kind of weather do cold fronts cause?
Violent storms
What is the Coriolis Effect?
A shift in any path or object to the rotation of the earth.
What kind of clouds produce thunderstorms when a cold front meets a warm front?
Cumulonimbus clouds.
What front occurs when warm air overtakes a cold air mass and moves over it?
Warm front
What kind of winds travel from 40 to 60 degrees latitude in each hemisphere?
Prevailing Westerlies
What is cooler air that moves in a counter-clockwise spin to take the place of the rising warms air called?
A cyclone.
What kind of weather is caused when two different fronts collide?
Rain and snowstorms.
In which direction do prevailing westerlies travel in?
west to east
What kind of weather do warm fronts produce?
hot, humid weather
What is an occluded front?
When a cold front overtakes a warms front.
What kind of storm is the most damaging and winds can reach speeds of 120-320 mph?
What is the greenhouse effect?
When CO2 and other gases absorb infrared rays, forming a kind of "heat blanket" around the earth.
Energy from the sun (radiant energy) can do what 6 things?
1. Reflect back into space
2. Be absorbed by the atmosphere
3. Be absorbed by clouds
4. Be absorbed by the earth's surface and used as heat
5. Be absorbed by ozone
6. Be reflected and scattered throughout the atmosphere
What kind of storm forms when cold dry air meets warm moist air, is most violent, produces hail, contains cumulonimbus clouds, and winds can reach speeds of more than 350 kmph?
In which season are jet streams stronger?
What kind of air mass is cold and dry?
Continental Polar
What kind of front is warm air masses meeting cold air masses and no movment occuring?
Stationary front.
What are doldrums?
Calm winds at the equator and warms air quickly.
Do to the Coriolis Effect which ways do the winds go in the north and south?
What winds rise and cool between 50 and 60 degrees latitude?
Polar Easterlies
What is a high-pressure area containing cold dry air that moves in a clockwise motion called?
An anticyclone.
Name 5 types of precipitation and what they are/ how they're formed.
Rain-water droplets from clouds
Snow-frozen water vapor
Hail-droplets circulated through a frozen layer in the clouds/frozen chunks
Sleet-rain passes through freezing layer/slush
Freezing Rain-rain that freezes when hits the ground
What is air pressure?
Pressure exerted by air on the earth. Gravity pulls the air down.
What happens when there is more air pressure?
There is more density, less water vapor, less elevation, and warmer temperature.
What are the two general types of winds?
Local winds and Global winds.
Describe a continental tropical air mass.
It is warm and dry.
What kind of winds change the weather and bring bad weather?
jet steams
What kind of air mass is cold and moist?
Maritime Polar