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Earth is surrounded by a blanket of air called ---
the atmosphere
The atmosphere is a mixture of ---.
About three fourths of the atmosphere is ---.
The layer of atmosphere closest to Earth is the ---.
Ozone keeps most of the sun's harmful
--- from reaching Earth.
--- is the condition of the air around us.
Only the --- contains enough air for living things to breathe.
Nearly all weather occurs in the in the ---.
The air in the --- becomes thinner and thinner until it fades into space.
The --- keeps most of the sun's harmful radiation from reaching Earth.
What are the four factors that determine weather?
Weather is caused by temperature, mosture, air pressure, and wind
What are the layers of gases around the Earth?
The atmosphere is in layers around the Earth.
What gas is used by people and other animals as they breathe?
People and other animals use oxygen as they breathe?
What are the four layers of the atmosphere from the Earth outward?
Troposhere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere
The --- --- greatly affects weather and living things.
water cycle
The first step of the water cycle involves the ---.
Condensation takes place when warm air holding water vapor gets ---.
It is --- that dries a puddle in the sun.
In the third step of the water cycle, rain or snow ---.
falls back to Earth
As clouds become cooler, drops join together to make ---.
bigger drops
What is the water cycle?
The water cycle is the movement of water between the gournd and the atmosphere.
Why is the water cycle like a circle?
It is like a circle bcause it has no beginning or end.
When are clouds formed?
Clouds are formed when thousands and thousands of drops of water are so close together that you cannot see through them.
Describe cirrus clouds.
white and feathery
Describe cumulus clouds
piles of cotton
Describe stratus clouds.
layers of gray clouds that cover most of the sky
Cirrus clouds form (high, low) in the sky
You can often see cumulus clouds on a --- summer day.
Cirrus clouds usually mean that --- is coming with a day.
rain or snow
A stratus cloud that forms on the ground is called ---
--- means that a cloud is heavy and dark and will bring rain.
Cumulonimbus clouds produce summer ---.
You can study clouds to find out how the --- will change
What are the three cloud types?
cirrus, cumulus, stratus
What is a cloud?
A cloud is a mass of water droplets or ice crystals that flotas in the air.
What are cirrus clouds made of?
Cirrus clouds are made entirely of ice crystals.
For rain to fall, the water drops in a cloud must reach a certain ---.
As the tiny droplets of water in a cloud bump into each other, they ---.
Sleet forms only in --- weather.
All --- have six sides, or points.
When dew freezes, it forms ---.
What are the five steps in the formation of fail.
1. Hail begins as tiny pieces of ice. 2. The pieces of ice start to fall, but are swept fack up by a current of air. 3. As the pieces fall again, they collect more water 4. This water freezes, making the hail larger. 5. The hail is so heavy it falls to the ground.
--- is formed when rain falls through a layer of very cold air and freezes.
--- may fall during a thunderstorm in spring or summer.
--- forms when there is a large amount of water vapor in the air.
What must happen before rain can fall?
Before rain can fall, the water drops in a cloud must reach a certain size.
The amount of water vapor in the air is called ---
--- usually have low humidity.
--- air can hold more water vapor than --- air
Warm air can hold more water vapor than cold air.
--- is a meausre of how hot or cold someting is.
Heat from Earth's --- warms the stmosphere.
The kid of weather you are haivng right now depends on the kind of
--- --- that is over your area.
air mass
An air mass has about the sam --- and humidity all through it.
Air masses that form over land have --- air.
When two air masses meet, they form a ---.
Most changes in the weather take place along ---.
When an air mass forms near the poles, it has --- air.
Name the four kinds of air masses.
1. cold and dry
2. cold and wet
3. warm and dry
4. warm and wet
An --- --- is a huge body of air that stays together.
air mass
What kind of weather follows a cold front?
Cooler temperatures and clear skies often floow a cold front.
What kind of weather follows a warm front?
The weather that follows a warm front is warm and humid.
Air is made of many ---.
The push of air on Earth is called ---
air pressure
Air pressure is changed by ---.
When air is heated, the particles of air move ---.
The greater the difference in pressure between areas, the --- stronger the wind will be.
When air is cooled, the particles move --- ---.
closer together
--- air is heavier than --- air.
Cold air is heavier than warm air.
Air pressure is measured with a ---.
What causes wind?
The movement of air from a high-pressure area to a low-pressure area causes wind.
What is a low?
Rising air forms a low-pressure area, called a low.
What is a high?
Falling cold air forms a high-pressure area, called a high.
If there is a large difference in the temperature of air masses that meet, --- may result.
Thunderstorms take place mainly in spring and --- in North America.
Lightning is caused by --- --- in a cloud.
electric charges
A tornado starts over ---.
Define thunderstorms
heavy rain, with thunder and lighting
define a tornado
A violent but small storm that starts over land
define a hurricane
large storm that forms over an ocean
There is heavy --- during a thunderstorm.
In ---, electric charges can move from a cloud to the ground.
The noise that expanding air makes is
A --- is shaped like a funnel.
What is the center of a hurricane called?
the eye
What kind of damage occurs when the funnel of a tornado touches the ground?
Building are destroyed. Cars and other objects are lifted and thrown many yeards away.
What causes the damage in a hurricane?
The high winds and heqvy rains cause damage.
--- study weather.
Weather --- tell the direction of the wind.