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________ is an instrument that measures the amount of moisture in the air.
What property of air keeps a dry paper towel inside a glass from getting wet when the glass is turned upside down and pushed into a container of water?
air pressure
__________ use data and instruments to predict weather conditions.
A __________cloud is a thin, wispy cloud made of ice crystals high in the air.
The L symbol on a weather map indicates an area of ________.
low pressure
Which instrument is used to measure the amount of precipitation falling to the ground?
rain gauge
A violent storm that usually forms over warm oceans is called a ___________.
What are the three properties of air?
1. It has mass
2. It takes up space
3. It exerts pressure
The type of weather in a specific area over a period of time is called ________.
A _________ cloud is a flat, sheet-like cloud spread out over the sky.
________ is any form of water that falls to the Earth.
The weight of the air pushing down on the Earth's surface is called _________.
air pressure
The amount of water vapor in the air is called _________.
Clouds are composed of ______.
water droplets
Water condenses to form ________ of water droplets or ice particles suspended in the air.
This weather instrument measures wind speed.
The H symbol on a weather map indicates an area of _______.
high pressure
This weather instrument measures air pressure.
What type of weather is associated with a high pressure system?
dry and hot
This weather instrument measures temperature.
A ________, which has a funnel shape, is dangerous because it appears quickly and moves in an unpredictable path.
The __________ is the continuous movement of water in our atmosphere. It involves evaporation, condensation, and precipitation.
water cycle
A large body of air with nearly the same temperature and moisture throughout is known as an _____________.
air mass
What part of the water cycle does the sun represent?
energy source
The changing of water vapor into water drops is called _______.
________ clouds are puffy, white, cotton-ball type clouds. They are usually seen during fair weather.
A rapid circling column of air that moves in a narrow path over land is a ________.
_________ is the measure of the amount of heat energy in the atmosphere.
What type of weather would be associated with a low pressure system?
wet and cold
What part of the water cycle do clouds represent?
In a ________ front, warm air rises up and over the denser cold air.
If you want to fly a kite, which instrument would tell you the wind speed?
When warm, humid air along a front is pushed up suddenly, a ______________ may develop.
Thunderstorms and tornadoes are most likely going to be produced by what type of cloud?
A ________ front often produces fast-rising air and strong winds.
cold front
_______ form when air masses of different temperatures collide.
The boundary between air masses of different temperature and humidity is called
Cirrus clouds may tell you a _________ is coming.
warm front
When warm air and cold air meet, the warm air moves over the cold air because the warm air is _______________ .
less dense