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2 main blood supplies to the breast
1. Lateral Thoracic -
2. Internal Thoracic
Key lymphatic drainage of the breast
axillary nodes
The medial part of the breast is drains to the______nodes.
parasternal (run with the internal thoracic artery)
1st palpable rib
where does rib 2 join to the sternum?
at the sternal angle (where manubrium and sternum meet)
True ribs attach to sternum
anteriorly by costal cartilage
false ribs attach to sternum
at 7th rib by costal cart.
floating ribs
have a tip of cartilage but end on the side in muscle
where is the nipple found in the male
4th ICS at MCL
how does the typical rib attach posteriorly
3 attachments -
1)to its own vert. body 2)to the vert body above it 3) to its own transverse process
which imaging modalities do not use ionizing radiation
MRI and Ultrasound
Kinds of MRIs
T1 and T2
what is bright on T1 MRI
what is bright on T2 MRI
which kind of MRI best shows edema
Contraindications for MRI
brain aneurysm clips, cardiac pacemaker, implanted medication pumps, implanted nerve stimulating devices, IUDs, metallic objects (OBESITY???)
4 densities
air, fat, soft tissue(blood/fluid), and bone/metal
which interacts with x-rays the most?
which interacts the least with x-rays?
if you can abduct/adduct your non-thumb digits what nerve is working
interossei (all are ulnar)
What do interossei do with the lumbricals
flex MP and extend IP
most commonly torn ligament
ATF - anterior talofibular
if you invert the ankle, what tears after the ATF
calcaneal fibular (they tear in order 1,2,3
lateral leg bone
medial leg bone
which imaging modalities use ionizing radiation?
radiography(x-ray, plain film), computed tomography(CT), Nuclear Medicine(NM), Positron Emission Tomography(PET)
What is the classic sign of radial nerve damage (especially at the shaft of the humerus/forearm/elbow)
Wrist Drop
shortening/thickening of the palmar aponeurosis (Connective tissue condition)
Dupuytren's Contracture
median nerve damage of flexors in forearm
hand of benediction
wasting of the thenar eminence
Ape hand
Ulnar nerve injury (lumbercal and interossei)
Claw hand