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Alexander Graham Bell
inventor who established the American Telephone and Telegraph Company
Thomas A. Edison
inventor who developed the idea of a centra electric power station
Henry Bessemer
inventor who developed a new way to make steel
Andrew Carnegie
industrialist who preached the "gospel of wealth"
John D. Rockefeller
industrialist who established Standard Oil
workers called in to replace striking workers
political radicals who oppose all government
Samuel F.B. Morse
inventor who patented the telegraph
Bessemer Process
improved the process of making steel
the amount of goods and services created in a given period of time
license to make, use, or sell an invention
mass production
production in great amounts
transcontinental railroad
a railroad extending from coast to coast
time and motion studies
To improve efficiency, some factory employers relied on this.
For the average worker, factory work was usually this.
The goal of the Sherman Antitrust Act was to:
promote fair industrial competition.
The government responded to the Pullman Strike by>
using federal troops to control the workers.
The expansion of American industry was sparked mainly by:
technological advances and financial investments.
One of Thomas Edison's major accomplishments was:
helping to make electricity more widely available.
John D. Rockefeller gained control over much of the oil industry by:
managing a trust made up of Standard Oil and allied companies.
Congress passed the Sherman Antitrust Act to:
keep industries from cutting off competition.