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turning tank warehouses into regular factories after the war
Truman Doctrine
veterans could live a better life after coming back from war including being sent back to college, and medical treatment
United States and Israel
Jewish immigration into Europe from Palestine and US supporting them
Truman and Civil Rights
no racial segregation in the military
Marshall Plan
rebuilding n Germany and Japan and any other country that was involved in the war
Korean War
1950-1953 U.N. fought against North Korea and supported the South
Cause: N. Korea became communist country then invaded the south. U.N. helped push the North back
Hollywood Ten
writers, producers, and directors put into prison for not answering why they had put Communist propoganda onto the screen and producing pro-Soviet films
Joseph R. McCarthy
involved with finding the so-called communists in the government and bring them to justice
Truman and civil rights
banned racial discrimination in employment hiring, including the armed forces
Truman and defense
created the Fair Deal universal health care program and strong civil rights programs
The growth of the GNP
1945-1960 GNP doubled, things became more expensive, military-related research
Baby boom
temporary marked increase in births after WW2 caused mostly from the absence of men during the war
Business in American Life
demands increased for technological advances in agricultural production so fewer hands are needed because of the population increase; formation of suburbia
Demographic change
suburb growth grew faster than the cities; movement of blacks from the south to the northern cities; increase in church membership from 50% to 65%
religious revival in the 1950's
rise of churchgoing after the war, symbolized and shown through movies, books and songs
the crack in the picture window
book written in 1956 about suburbia life
22nd amendment
president should not be entered to a 3rd term during his time in office including the VP
Eisenhower and the New Deal
stay with the regular structure but prevent prices from rising; supported public works including St. Lawrence Seaway, and interstate highways
Geneva Accords of 1954
France, Britain, Soviet Union, and the people of China meet to neutralize Laos and Cambodia and divide Vietnam at the 17th parallel
put pressure on the Soivet Union by joining with postwar alliances
Brown vs. Board of education
in education purposes, seperate but equal shold not be included
Eisenhower's farewell address
include his tactics and knowledge from his experience in the military
military-industrial complex
Bay of Pigs invasion
attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro by training immigrants from Cuba by the CIA;did not suceed and most men were captured
Cuban missile crisis
missiles were placed tht were not able to be seen from US radar. Soon they were found and Soviet Union agreed to pull them out if US will stop trying to invade Cuba
Kennedy and Vietnam
send troops to the South and advisers
Health insurance Bill of 1965
medicare=people over 65
medicaid=provide for the poor
first big addition after the Social Security Act
Civil Rights Act of 1964
outlawing discrimination in public accomodations
Johnson and Vietnam
set sustained bombings in North Vietnam which was supposed to stop transportation of soldiers and and supplies to the south
womens movement
Betty Friedan wrote The Feminine Mystique launched new form of women protest
Nixon and Vietnam
tried to pull forces out but still wanted to keep the North Vietnamese from entering Indochina
Operation Menu was set to sustain bombings on Communist areas in Cambodia
The Pentagon Papers
blocked by the Nixon administration which would cause national security endangerment and prolong the war if they were published
Democratic campaign secrets tried to be stolen from Nixon
The end of the war in Vietnam
South Vietnamese troops collapsed an the North invaded Saigon and a helicopter evacuation took place, and soon South Vietnamese were told to lay down arms
26th Amendment
after the age of 18 you are eligible to vote
Carter and Foreign Affairs
peace agreement between Israel and Egypt
The Moral Majority
evangelical protestants who helped secure President Ronald Reagan's victory
Jerry Falwell's televising; reverse Roe vs. Wade that permits first trimester abortions, prayer in public schools
Presidential Election of 1980
needed president with better public speaking skills and who can crack down on the New Deal
invasion and pulling of American students because airfield was being built to support communist countries
Reagan and the national debt
personal, corporate and governmental increased in debt totaled in $1.4 trillion, economy was driven by greed;Americans were consuming more than producing
Scandals under Reagan
Iran-Contra affair-raise profit for Honduras to overthrow Nicaraguan government;Reagan was accused of being intellectually declined;left high budget deficits for future presidents
invasion and capture of Manuel Noriega, was put in prison for a year than convicted on 8 counts for drug distribution in 1992
War on Poverty
finished under Reagan, expansion of New Deal was lost; war was lost after 30 years
Gulf War of 1991
Iraq invasion of U.S. protected Kuwait after they were accused of stealing Iraq's oil
Oklahoma City bombing
truck bomb explodes in front of federal office building killing 168 people; Timothy McVeigh
Impeachment of Clinton
obstruction of justice, was found not guilty
Election of 2000
ballots were counted wrong in Florida but stayed with original count and Bush won the state
Invasion of Iraq in 2003
capture WMD that were a threat to the US