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George Washington won 38 of 69 electoral votes to become the first president
Congress Initially set the number of supreme court Justices at 9
The Bill of Rights Consisted of the first 10 amendments to the Constitution
according to alexander hamilton the us needed a national bank to provide a stavle currency and to assure capital for development
Alexander Hamilton believed the US economy should remain predominantly agricultural
Thomas Jeffersons Supporters were called republicans
Most Americans supported the French Revolution even in its violent phase known as the reign of terror
In foreign policy federalsists tended to favor the French
Thomas Jefferson was elected the third president of the US
The revolution of 1800 refers to the election of Thomas Jefferson
Marbury v Madison was sparked by one of pres adams midnight appointments
Once in office jefferson set out to dismantle hamiltons federalist economic program
During Thomas Jeffersons presidency the national debt grew much larger
Thomas Jefferson signed an act outlawing the foreign slave trade as of 1808
From 1763 to 1803 the Lousianna territory belonged to France
The expansion of the US into the West weakened the federalists
President Jefferson ignored a subpoena requiring him to appear in court with certaindocuments in his possesion
James Madison followed Thomaas Jefferson as Pres
During the early 1800's the British were more likely than the French to respect American shipping rights
Tecumseh was a Shawnee leader who supported the US in the war of 1812
Most warhawks were new england federalists
William Henry Harrison was the American hero at the battle of new orleans
The battle of new orleans was meaningless since it was fought after the war had officially ended
The federalists party was badly hurt by its involvement in the hartford convention
Americans felt intensely patriotic in the aftermath of the war of 1812
By 1790 America
remained a predominantly rural society
By 1790 The Indians
remained a powerful threat to western settlement
In early 1789 the new congress gathered in the national capital which was
New York City
In his inaugural address, pres washington emphasized
Relations with Britain
Washingtons secretary of state was
Thomas Jefferson
The first Supreme Court
Required its justices to serve on circuit courts as well
The bill of rights did all of the following
Safeguard freedoms such as press speech and assembly
appease some initial critics of the constitution
protect against cruel and unusual punishment
In regard to religion the constitution
Prevents congress from establishing an official religion
The tenth amendment to the constitution
Said that powers not specificcally given to the national govt remained with the states or the people
The tonnage act of 1789
Placed higher tonnage duties on foreign vessels
Alexander Hamiltons basic vision of america was to make it
A vibrant capitalist power
In regard to stated debts hamilton proposed that
The federal govt take them over
Hamiltons plan to fund the national debt at its full face value would most benefit
Madison decided to support hamiltons debt proposals in return for an agreement to
relocate the nation capital southward
The national bank proposed by hamilton
would provide a stable national currency
Between 1800 and 1840 the nations most dramatic population expansion occurred
West of the appalachians
In the early 19th century the fastest growing segment of the population was
Free Blacks
The nature of work was transformed for numerous Americans by
The growing factory system
Jeffersons inauguration was notable for
its being the first in Washington DC
Who said "we are all republicans - We are all federalists"
Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Jeffersons inaugural address reflected
A tone of simplicity and concilation
In the case of marbury v Madison the supreme court
Declared a federal law unconstitutional
In the case of Marbury v Madison the supreme Court chief justice who established judicial review was
John Marshall
The louisianna purchase was made possible by
Napoleons disastrous setback in Haiti
Who is often called the father of the constitution
James Madison
The Lousianna Purchase occured under whose administration
Thomas jefferson
In the war of 1812 the US fought
Great Britain
The Lousianna purchase was a problem for Jefferson because
he believed that the constitution did not give authority to acquire new land