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Organizational levels used by asset management
- Client
- Company code
- Plant
- Maintenance plant
- Maintenance planning plant
What is the difference between a maintenance plant and a maintenance planning plant?
A maintenance plant is a plant where technical objects (things that need maintenance) are installed. I.e. the site of the maintenance work.

A maintenance planning plant is a location where maintenance is planned and scheduled.
Give 3 examples of maintenance work centers.
- Welding
- Metalworking
- Mechanics
List 3 functions of work centers.
- Costing
- Scheduling
- Capacity planning
Describe the relationship between
- service orders and maintenance plants
- service orders and planning plants
A service order is assigned to exactly one planning plant. However, work to fulfill the service order can be carried out at multiple maintenance plants.
List the 4 types of technical objects
- Functional locations
- Equipment
- Serial numbers
- Bills of material
To what object do maintenance costs initially collect, before they end up in the cost center?
Plant maintenance order (PM order)
List the 3 criteria among which you choose to design your functional locations, with 2 examples each
- Spatial (e.g. building 1, building 2)
- Technical (e.g. press, press frame, press hydraulics)
- Functional (e.g. polymerization, condensation)
List the 4 views used by the functional location or equipment master record
- General
- Location
- Organization
- Structure
List 4 types of information in the functional location or equipment master record's general view
- Class
- Object type
- Reference data
- Manufacturer data
List 2 types of information in the functional location or equipment master record's location view
- Location data
- Address
List 2 types of information in the functional location or equipment master record's organization view (with one example each)
- Account assignment (e.g. company code, cost center)
- Resposibilities (e.g. maintenance planning plant)
List 3 example types of information in the functional location or equipment master record's structure view
- Structure indicator
- Higher-level function location
- Equipment
List 7 kinds of information that are stored in the functional location or equipment master record
- Equipment usage
- Classification
- Documents/technical drawings
- Multilingual texts
- Address/partner
- Measuring points/counters
- Permits
The identification for functional locations is created using the _____.
structural indicator
List and describe the 2 elements of the structural indicator
- Coding template. Controls characters and formatting of structure indicator
- Hierarchy levels. Defines which level ends at which character and number of hierarchical levels.
Equipment can be installed or dismantled at _____.
functional locations
If there is inventory management for it, equipment can be linked with a _____.
Define equipment
An individual physical object to be maintained as an autonomous unit
List 8 examples of equipment
- Means of production
- Means of transport
- Test equipment
- Production resources/tools (PRTs)
- Customer devices
- Buildings/property
- Systems/system parts
- Vehicles
If customized accordingly, the system automatically creates a new _____ whenever certain changes are made in the equipment master record.
time segment
Similar to inventory movements, equipment that is linked with a _____ can be automatically moved between a functional location and storage
The combination of _____ and serial number is always unique
material number
The serial number is stored in the _____.
equipment master record
List the 3 types of maintenance BOM
- Material BOM
- Equipment BOM
- Functional location BOM
List 3 additional functions available in a maintenance BOM vs. a regular BOM
- Clear object structure display
- Spare parts planning in the order
- Spare parts planning in the task list
When is a material BOM used in plant maintenance?
When a number of similarly constructed objects must be maintained
What are the 3 steps for assigning a material BOM to a technical object from scratch?
1. Create a material
2. Create a BOM for the material
3. Assign the material BOM to the technical object
A material BOM is assigned to a technical object via the _____ field.
construction type
List and explain the 5 steps of the corrective maintenance process
1. Notification. Malfunctions are entered into the system.
2. Planning. PM orders are created, including the tasks to be performed and materials/tools required.
3. Scheduling. Check availability, put the order into process, and print shop papers.
4. Execution. Task is performed. Materials are withdrawn.
5. Completion. TECO (technical completion), time worked is entered. Controlling can settle the order at the same time.
List and describe the 4 sections of a maintenance notification
- Header. Who, when, what, where of the malfunction.
- Notification items. Detailed information about the malfunction.
- Activities. Work that has been performed to address the problem.
- Tasks. Work that still needs to be performed.
List 4 methods by which a maintenance order may be created
- created directly
- created from a notification
- created from several merged notifications
- automatically generated from a maintenance plan
List and describe the 5 sections of a maintenance order
1. Header
2. Object list. Equipment, functional locations, notifications
3. Operations. Tasks that should be performed, including who, what, where. Contains material list and PRTs
4. Settlement rule. Who will pay. Derived from reference object.
5. Costs. Estimated, planned, and actual costs.
List and describe the 5 steps of using stock materials in a maintenance order
1. Plan the materials. They can be from the BOM of the reference object or freely assigned.
2. Reserve materials. If they are kept in stock, the materials you plan will be reserved.
3. Release the order. An availability check will be performed.
4. Print material provision lists and withdrawal slips.
5. Plan goods issues.
List the 2 types of objects that may be in a maintenance order's object list
- notifications
- technical objects
List and describe the 5 steps of using stock materials in a maintenance order
1. Add purchase information to order when components are assigned. System will generate purchase requisitions.
2. Convert purchase requisition to purchase order. Maintain reference to maintenance order.
3. On goods receipt, items are assigned to correct account. The maintenance order is debited accordingly.
4. When invoices is received, discrepancies are assigned to maintenance order.
List the 2 ways that expected costs can be displayed for a maintenance order
- At cost element level (controlling view)
- At value category level (maintenance view)
List 4 effects of a maintenance order release
- Reservation in effect
- Papers can be printed
- Time confirmation possible
- Goods movement possible
List 5 activities you can perform only after a maintenance order has been released
- Print shop papers
- Withdraw material
- Post goods receipt
- Enter time confirmations
- Complete task
List 7 paper documents that may be printed as the result of a maintenance order
- job ticket
- operation control ticket
- material pick list
- object list
- time ticket
- confirmation slip
- material withdrawal slip
List the 2 types of material withdrawals from a warehouse that may occur as a result of a maintenance order
- planned withdrawal of stock material
- unplanned withdrawal of stock material
List 3 ways that time worked on a maintenance order may be confirmed
- Individual entry for each operation
- Collective entry of multiple entries
- Using CATS
By default, to what status are maintenance orders assigned when completion confirmations for all operations are entered?
PCNF (partially confirmed)
You can use the _____ function to verify the use of materials in maintenance orders within a specific time period.
materials where-used list
List the 10 steps in the service order process flow
1. Creation
2. Planning
3. Release
4. Print/communication
5. Execution
6. Confirmation
7. Technical completion
8. Billing document
9. Settlement
10. Business completion
List the 6 sections of a service order
- Header
- Operations
- Components (including PRTs)
- Costs
- Partners
- Object list
List 6 ways a service order can be created
- Directly
- Generate from a service notification
- Generate from several combined notifications
- Generate from a sales order item
- Automatically generate from a maintenance item
What is the behavioral difference between a revenue-bearing service order and a non-revenue-bearing service order
- Revenue-bearing: Revenues are posted to the service order
- Non-revenue-bearing: Revenues and/or costs are posted to the superior sales document
When external operations for services are entered in a service order, _____ are created for the operation
service specifications
List the 7 types of information contained in a service order confirmation
- Hours worked
- Third-party goods receipts or service entry sheets
- Activities
- Material withdrawals from the warehouse
- Object changes
- Measurement and counter readings
- Travel expenses
The _____ is a special form of sales order used as the basis for billing documents for service orders.
billing request
Define settlement
Allocation of costs and revenues for an order to the settlement receiver(s)

List the 3 prerequisites for the settlement of a service order
- The order must be released.
- A settlement rule must exist.
- The order must contain costs or revenues that have not yet been settled.

For service orders, the _____ determines which settlement receiver types are possible and which type will be proposed as a default.
order type

List the 10 possible settlement receiver types
- G/L account
- cost center
- order
- WBS element
- asset
- material
- network
- profitability segment
- sales order
- business process

On a service order, costs and revenues are displayed on the _____ level