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Area that was annexed by Germany
Area by the French boarder that was demilitarized
Lighting war far, that used tanks, air power and troops
Murder of 11 million people across Europe, systemitically
Axis Powers
Germany, Italy, and Japan
Germany annexed this area
Non-Agression Pact
Pact not to attack each other
Giving into a aggressor
A Government that controls completely over its citizens
Certian segregated Jewish cities in Poland
Hated the Jewish population
Troops that attacked the Jewish commuties and their homes, and businesses, through out Germany
Systematic and deliberate killing on population
The insterst of the state is above the individual
U.S. postion during early parts of the war?
U.S. was neutral but loaned weapons to Great Britian.
Charles DeGaulle
leader of the French government in exile
Who was part of the Non-Aggression pact?
Hitler (Germany) & The Soviet Union
The Area of the Sudentenland, that spoke German?
Where were the Concentration Camps loacted at?
After the bombing of Pearl Harbor, what did the United States do?
They entered the War
What was Hitlers first mistake in the War?
The Battle of Dunkrik, allowing British and Frendch to move on
What leaders were apart of the Munich Agreement?
Neville Chamberlain, and Hitler
Francisco Franco, was known for
He helped Mussolini and He was Spanish
Groups that Hitler exterminated
Communist, Jews, Homosexuals
Bentio Mussolini
said he would march to Rome with the black shirts, and nationalists
Joseph Stalin
Killed millions of his own citizens, and he was for totalitarian
Adolf Hitler
he believed in expanionism of the miliatary and he wrote Main Kampf
Britsh Advantages
Ultra, Radar, and more planes then other countries
Japan military
the withdrew from the league of nation and they invaded Manchuria
The Neutrality Acts allowed The United States ?
Not to trade goods or loans with countries in the war.
Countries that were invaded in the War
Norway, Denmark, POland, Belguim
Greer, Ruben James, & Kearny
The first people to die with Pearl Harbor