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Action of Antidepressants
Target Serotonin and NE levels
Amine Hypothesis
Decreased levels of important monoamines in brain is responsible for depression (ie. Serotonin & NE)
Problems with Amine Hypothesis
5-HT or NE depletion in healthy people doesn't result in depression
-efficacy in tx takes weeks
Effects of prolonged tx wth antidepressants
-Repeated exposure to ADs may lead to a decrease in the number of autoreceptors for 5-HT & Serotonin
Classes of Antidepressants
+MAO Inhibators
+SSRIs (most commonly used)
Mechanism for Tricyclics
-All block reuptake of NE
-Some block reuptake of 5-HT
Mechanism for SSRIs
-Selectively block serotonin uptake
Mechanism for MAO Inhibitors
-Prevents metabolism of monoamines
-MAO A metabolizes 5-HT & NE
Mechanism for Atypical
Blocks uptake of NE, 5-HT, and dopamine
Tx of Major Depression
All antidepressants are equally effective
Tx of Bipolar
Most ADs result in induction of manic phase
Adverse Effects
Tricyclics, MAO Inhibitors, SSRIs, Atypical
Tricyclics have varied sites of action -->more likely to produce side effects
(sedation, weight gain, hypotension, constipation)

MAO Inhibitors = sleep disturbances, weight gain, postural hypotension

SSRIs-nausea, vomitting, headache, sexual dysfunction, and insomnia
Overdose Tricyclic/MAO Inhibitors
Coma, Respiratory Depression, agitation or delirium, seizures, cardiac manifestations

Can be FATAL!
Treatment Duration
-If pt. responds to treatment, medication should be continuted for 6-12 months.
-Up to 50% of pts. do not experience full therapeutic effects though...
-If resistant, try increasing dose, increasing duration or switch compounds
Tx of Bipolar
-Lithium--evens out mood swings
-Anticonvulsants (Valproic Acid)

++Must closely monitor liver function when taking lithium or valproic acid++