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...den başka

benden başka
other than, apart from, except for

except for me
...den evvel

bizden evvel
before (in time)

before us, earlier than we
...den sonra

saat altıdan sonra

after six o'clock
...den beri

on saatten beri
subsequent to, since

for (the) past ten hours
...den dolayı

sizden dolayı
because of

because of you
...a kadar

evime kadar
up to, until, as far as

as far as my house
...a doğru

evine doğru
straight, toward

straight toward his house
...a karşı

çocuklara karşı
against, opposite, anti-

againts (the) children
...a göre

gazeteye göre
according to

according to the newspaper
...a rağmen

parasına rağmen

in spite of his money
...a nazaran

İzmir'e nazaran Ankara daha büyük.
compared with, in regard to

Compared with Izmir, Ankara is larger.