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According to Victor Frankl, what is the highest goal to which humans can aspire to?
Therapy through Meaning
What is the purpose of therapy according to Victor Frankl?
to challenge people to find meaning and purpose through suffering, work, and love
Area of philosophy concerned with the meaning of human existence
Existentialists Believe...
1. The world changes as people's ideas about it change
2. Ideas of world = human construction
3. Self cannot exist w/o a world and world cannot exist w/o a person to percieve it
4. Must study human beings in their phenomenological worlds
People's perceptions or subjective realities; considered to be valid data for investigation
Two people perceiving the same situation differently
Phenomenological Discrepancy
view that people are not controlled by fixed physical laws
human confirms the other person as being of unique value - direct mutual relationships
person uses others but does not value them for themselves - utilitartian
6 Basic Dimensions of the Human Condition according to Existential Therapy
1. Capacity for Self-Awareness
2. Tensions between Freedom and Personality
3. Creation of Identity and establishing meaningful relationships
4. The search for meaning
5. Accepting anxiety as a condition of living
6. Awareness of death and nonbeing
Realizing that we are finite/time is limited, we have the potential/choice to act or not act, meaning is not automatic - we must seek it, we are subject to loneliness
Capacity for Self-Awareness
People are free to choose among alternatives and have a large role in shaping personal desires; people must accept responsibilitye for directing own lives
Freedom and Responsibility
the courage to BE
What is our primary striving according to existential therapy?
the will to meaming
arises from strivings to survive and maintain our own being
gives significance to living
awareness of death/nonbeing
Aim of Existential Therapy
1. Rejects determinism
2. People are free and responsible for choices and actions
3. People are authors of lives
Existential Therapy encourages clients to do these three things:
1. reflect on life
2. recognize range of alternatives
3. decide among alternatives
Goal of Existential Therapy
recognize ways they passively accepted circumstances and surrendered control-so to start consciously shaping own lives by exploring options for creating a meaningful existence