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What did the owner do for the stranger?
He cooked him the best meal he could and served him like a king.
What happened when a new highway was built near the restaurant?
Travelers no longer stopped at the restaurant.
How did the paper crane help the owner?
People came from far and near to see the magic bird perform.
What did the owner do then?
He dusted and polished his empty plates and tables.
How long did people come to the restaurant?
Morning until night
How did the owner feel about not having customers?
Sad and anxious
What happened to the restaurant after the stranger left the last time?
Guests still come and the restaurant still stands.
How did the stranger thank the owner?
He folded a paper napkin into a crane.
What unique thing could the napkin do?
Come to life and dance
How did the paper crane come to life?
clap your hands
What happened when the stranger played the flute?
The paper crane danced and grew large enough for the man to climb onto it.
Who came into the restaurant?
What did he look like?
A stranger. His clothes were old and worn.