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Yellowish-brown dust depositied in North China by winds blowing from Central Asia.
-Suspend in the water of Yellow River, giving t it's name and color
The dominant people in the earliest chinese dynasty for which we have written record. Ancestor worchip, divination by means of oracle bones, and the use of bronze vessels for ritual purposes were major elements of Shang culture.
Techniques for ascertaining the future or or the will of the Gods by interpreting natural phenomena such as, in early China, the cracks on oracle
The people and dynasty that took over the dominant position in north china from the shang and created the concept of the mandate of heaven to justifye their rule.
-Early period remembered as a time of prosperity and benevolent rule
-Later period, centralized control broke down and warfare among small states became frequent
Mandate Of Heaven
Chinese religious and politcal idealology developed by the Zhou, according to which there was the perogative of Heaven, the cheif diety, to grant power to the ruler of china, and to take away the power if the ruler failed to conduct himself justly and in the best interest of his subjects.
In China, a political philosophy that emphasizes the unruliness of human nature and justified state coercion and control.
Western name for the Chinese philosopher Kongzi. His doctrine of public duty and service had great influence on subsequent chinese thought and served as a code of conduct for governement officials.
Chinese school of thought, originated in the Warring States period with Laozi. Daoism offered an alternative to Confusism emphisis on Heirerarchy and duty. Daoist beleive that the world is always changing and is devoid of absolute morality or meaning. They accept the world as they find it, avoid futile struggles, and deviate as little as possible from the "Dao" (path of nature)
In early Chinese belief, complementary fators that help to maintain the equalibriumof the world. Yin is associated with masculin, light, and active qualities; yang with the feminie, dark, passive qualities.
Egyptian name for Nubai, the region alongside the nile river south of Egypt.
Caital of a flourishing kingdom in southern Nubia from the fourth century bc to the fourth century c.e. In this period Nubian cultures showed more indepedence from Egypt and the sub sahara influences of Africa.
First Mesoamerica civilization.
-civilization included intensive agriculture, wide ranging trade, cerimonial centers, and monumental construction.
-Had great cultural influence on later mesoamerica societies.
First major urbanised civilization in South Africa. Its capital was locaed in the Andes mountains of peru.
-Became politicallly and economically dominant in a densly populated region that included two distinctive ecological zones.
The only domesticated beast of burden in the Americas before the arrival of the Europeans. I have a wicked awesome llama calender in my room. Provied meat, wool, and transportation.