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structure or shape of the cinematic medium; encompasses aspects of literary design, visual design,cinematography, editing, and sound.
Film Form
what the film is about, then expressed through form and style.
how the content is expressed
literary design (script, story, titles, ideas)
visual design (mise-en-scene, costumes, what goes in each shot)cinematography (how it records, blurry/focus)
editing/montage-(how shots are put together)sound design-(music, dialog, etc)
Aspects of Film Form
particular group-minority, trustworthy, we see mostly Caucasian, . The dominant ideology of western culture is white patriarchal heterosexual capitalism.
Dominant ideologies
term meant to express the unspoken limit to which a non-white, non-male person can hope to rise within a company or field of endeavor. (Everyone but normal white men is excluded)
Glass Ceiling
Dominant ideology, most popular film helps maintain dominant cultural attitudes towards African Americans and other race issues; suggests that heterosexual Caucasian males and gaining wealth are the most important things in the world.
White Patriarchal Capitalism
struggle to maintain consent of the people to a system that governs them, should women vote? Fluctuating state of dominant ideology; also, the ongoing struggle to gain the consent of the people to a system that would govern them.
process under capitalism whereby an idea or a thing is turned into a marketable good. – (Hip Hop is popular, but altered)
absorption or assimilation of a subculture style or artifact into the dominant culture, or stripping of a product, can be sold to mainstream –pierced ears, Paris Hilton-trashy, tattoos
decoding a text as is was intended to be decoded.(The Lion King)
Dominant readings
process by which a reader decodes a text in ways not intended by those who encoded it. View as not intended (I have a friend who thinks Extreme Home Makeover ruins people’s lives… idiot?)
Oppositional readings
when a reader decodes a text partly according to the ways it was intended and partly in ways that it was not. (similar to oppositional, trying to read what is intended, but decodes in another way)
Negotiated readings
category of human beings based upon external features such as skin color and hair texture. Historically, three races were classified: Caucasoid, Negroid, and Mongoloid.
belief that humans can be designated as superior or inferior based on their racial characteristics.