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Wound infection most commonly occurs when post-op?
4-6 days post-op
Give the contributing organisms for the following wound infections:

1) Necrotizing fasciitis
2) Clostridial Myosistis

What should tx include?
1) Streptococcus (streaking erythema)
2) Clostridium perfringens

Tx: surgical debridement + IV antibiotics
Necrotiing fasciitis in the perineum is also known as..?
Fornier's gangrene
Mild hypothermia...
Mod hypothermia...
Severe hypothermia...
Mild = 30-32 C (90-95 F)
Mod = 28 - 32 C = (82-90 F)
Sev = 25 - 28 C = (77-82 F)
What is the first sign of malignant hyperthermia?

What is the preferred treatment?
1st sign = increased end tidal CO2
rare, AD; fever, tachycardia, rigidity, cyanosis

Tx: dantrolene, correct electrolytes, cooling blanket
What are the 6 W's of post-op fever?
wound - infection, atelectasis
wind - pneumonia
water - UTI
walking - DVT/poss PE
waste - abscess
wonder drug - meds
What is the difference in presentation of post-op fever between non-infectious v. infectious?

What is the standard work-up?
Non-infectious: w/in first 48-72 hrs

Infectious: POD 3-8

Work-up: blood cultures, Urine analysis, CXR, blood-alveolar lavage, Urine cultures, tylenol/motrin
What is the most common cause of fever w/in 48 hrs of surgery?
(collapse of peripheral alveoli d/t shallow tidal breaths---use incentive spirometry)
How is the risk of aspiration pneumonitis reduced during post-op?
pre-op fasting, cricoid pressure, protonix (acid suppression)
Give 2 medical options to prevent PE post-op...
What is the leading cause of death in any surgical patient?