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What is the primary purpose of neutrophils?
To phagotize any potentialy harmful agents.
The process of phagocytosis is...
A non specific immune response a process where the particle is ingested and destroyed by a cell
What is specific immunity?
The second line of defence against infections....reacts differently to different antigens, response is learned and developed.
Nonspecific immunity is...
1. First line of defence
2. Present at birth
3. Reacts the same to all antigens
Rheumatoid factor test measures what?
Presence of unusual antibodies in the immunoglobulins G & M that develope in a number of connective tissue diseases.
What is an erthrocyte sedimentation rate test for?
To confirm infection/inflammation in the body...useful for connective tissue disease diagnosis
The pancrease excretes _____ & _____ secretions as part of its normal function
Endocrine & Exocrine
The pancrease secretes what key endocrine hormone?

also glucagon and somatostatin
The exocrine pancreas produces what?
Digestive enzymes...
What hormones are produced in the hypothalmus, and stored in the posterior pituitary gland?
Antidierectic hormone and Oxytocin
What hormones are produced in the anterior pituitary gland?
Growth hormone
Follicle stimulating hormone
Lutenizing hormone
_____ & _____ are produced in the adrenal medula
Epinephrine and Norepinephrine
List 3 substances produced in the adrenal cortex
What gland is responsible for the production of melatonin
Pineal gland
What hormone is responsible for maintining the free or unbound calcium level within normal range?
Parathyroid hormone