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Sequence of Events Leading up to and after the Crash
People invested, bought things/stocks on credit, if stocks bad no money to repay loans, banks ran out of money, people lost all money, businesses close(no people to buy products).
Hoover's Response
Doesn't get involved, doesn't want people dependent on the government, tries Public Works Progress but too late, cut spending raised taxes, encourage charities, don't fire people, but again too late, Hooverville's.
Bonus Army
WWI vets want their bonuses come with families to DC and protest, General MacArthur used tear gas, bayonets to get protesters away. One man shot and killed.
Election of 1932
FDR dominates winning most of the states.
Similarities and Differences between Hoover and FDR
Hoover didn't try as much, FDR did everything in his power to help. Neither did anything about lynching. FDR a Democrat.
20th Amendment
Moved inauguration up from March to January.
Fireside Chats
Radio shows held by FDR informing people about the goings on at DC. Nice tone. People very responsive.
3 Rs
Relief, Recovery, and Reform: Themes of the New Deal
First 100 Days
FDR sends tons of bills through congress, many passed, got a lot done.
Huey Long
Louisiana Senator who thought we should redistribute the wealth - didn't like FDR.
Charles Coughlin
Catholic Priest who had a radio show and said the Jewish people caused the Depression.
Social Security Act
Gives money to people once they retire, money is from peoples aving in their pension funds.
Rural Electrification Act
Gave electricity to rural areas - brought people together.
Public Works Administration
Gave jobs to people to build roads, dams, and other public things.
Securities and Exchanges Commision
Regulated the Stock Market
Agricultural Adjustment Administration
Regulated farm production, pushed soil conservation and taught better farming techniques.
Court Packing
FDR- tries to pack Supreme Court adds justices that support him, Illegal. His popularity dives.
Deficit Spending
Spending barrowed money pushes people deeper into debt.
Dust Bowl
Over plowing leads to dry land, dust in air, drought, dust storms. Occurred in Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado. People migrated to California and Washington causing over crowding.
Eleanor Roosevelt
Helped poor children, addressed letters. Eyes and Ears for FDR. A role model.
Depression in Other Countries
US couldn't trade or provide loans to countries in Europe trying to rebuild.
Effects of the New Deal Today- Liberal vs. Conservatives
They still argue today about if local or national government should have more power. Liberal want government to interfere.