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What contributed to the eco depression?
US -> high production, low demand
Germany -> inflation
What were soc effects in US?
Men felt powerless. Families broke apart. Pop cul dec
What did Russia do?
Built industrial socialist society
What were some West gov solutions?
National tariffs and cut spending. They both dec eco stimulus
What pol sys did the Great Depression create?
Incapacitated parliament or overturned it
What kind of gov did
Scandinavia have?
Democratic socialist gov with cooperative community
What did Hitler stress in his speeches?
Need for unity, weak parliament, return to traditional ways
What were LA soc effects after the Great Depression?
Pop inc, middle class, new pol parties
What was the tendency of these new govs?
Conservative => liberal
How did Japan react to the Great Depression?
Conquered parts of Korea and China for their raw materials. Encouraged Shintoism and Confucianism
How did Japanese pol change?
1936 -> militaristic prime ministers. 1938 -> held Manchuria, Korea (tried to suppress Korean cul there), and Taiwan and sold them exports
How did the Japanese recover from the Great Depression?
Inc spending to provide jobs => exports, production of iron, steel, and chems. Businesses offered lifelong contracts
How did Stalin try to collect agri?
Large state run farms, peasant collectives and taxes, Agri production remained a MAJOR weakness
What were effects of the 5 year plans?
Inc pop in cities
welfare services
Great Depression
Economic crisis that began with US stock market crash. Massive unemployment and inflation
Socialism in one country
Stalins belief in isolation from capitalists
Popular Front
France 1936 -> Socialist and communist parties coalition. Unable to do a lot of soc reform bc of conservative strength
New Deal
Gave Americans pub wks project jobs
German secret state police
1938 -> Hitler's union of Germany with German speaking Austria against the wishes of other nations
Import substitution industrialization
Making imports at home. Practiced in LA, produced light industrialization
Eco and pol term, Labor forces exerted influence over gov
Lazaro Cardenas
Mexico. Land reform, communal farms, oil monopoly
Geutulio Vargas
Brazil.1929 -> Centralized pol program, new constitution based on Mussolini's Italy. 1948 -> leaned to communists. 1954 -> committed suicide
Juan D Pedron
Argentina. Military leader who appealed to poor and elderly through his wife. Eventually opposed catholic church. 1955 -> exiled
5 Year Plans
Stalins mode of inc industrialization. Massive factories independent of western world banking and trading
Socialist realism
USSR mode of art and lit. Avoided adoption of W cul
20 member Soviet Executive Party