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Buying on margin
paying small percentage of a stock as a down payment
Price Supports
The support of a certain price levels at or above market values
price SUPPORT..SUPPORTS price level
buying stocks and bonds expecting large profits
Black Tuesday
stocks fell sharply
Great Depression
1929-1941 when economy decline and people were out of work
Dow Jones Industrial Average
barometer of the stock market: based on prices of the 30 large firm trades
Averaged prices of trade
Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act
Designed to help farmers and manufacturers by protect products from foreign competition
Only Tariff act!
little towns consisting largely of shacks
ShanyTown...Town of Shacks
Soup Kitchens
place where food was offered to people
had to bring food somewhere else to eat
Bread lines
Lines of people waiting to recieve food
Could eat there
Direct relief
cash payments or food provided by the government
Relief by food or money
Herbert Hoover
President in 1929
Boulder Dam
designed to jump-start the economy and add jobs
later called hoover Dam