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Types of Families


single parent

What is natural family
mother, father and biological children

No longer typical due to changes in culture, values, economics and other factors
Natural family
No longer typical due to changes in culture, values, economics and other factors
what is single parent family
One parent raising one or more children
Single parent family
fastest growing type of family unit in the united states
What is blended family
Two adults with their children.

both adults may have children from previous marriages and combine the two.
What is extended family
relatives such as aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents.

also includes people that are not related by blood but is treated as family.
Quid pro quo
you do something for me and ill do something for you
Upward communication
Talking with your boss

communication that flows from subordinates to superiors
examples of upward communication
"please place your suggestions in the suggestion box"
downward communication
talking with your subordinates

communication that flows from superiors to subordinates
Examples of downward communication
Owner tells manager about the new prices on the menu

manager tells shift supervisors about these changes.

shift supervisors does the same to the crew members.
Horizontal Communication
Talking with your colleagues

communication among colleagues or co workers at the same level within the organization
Examples of horizontal communication
Two crew members talk about how to go about doing the job.
Outward communication
talking with your customers

communication that flows to those outside an organization