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What is the loudness or softness of a sound called?
How does sound travel through solids, liquids and gases?
in waves
What is the back and forth movement of molecules called?
What is the substance in ink or paint that gives it color called?
What would happen to a light wave that hit a smooth, flat, shiny surface?
It would be reflected.
What is the picture of an object made by a mirror OR lens called?
an image
What is the frequency of a sound wave heard as?
What do sound waves need in order to move from one place to another?
molecules of matter
TRUE or FALSE: A piece of tissue paper is translucent.
TRUE or FALSE: A high-pitched sound has a higher volume.
FALSE, it has a higher frequency
Why does an apple look red?
The apple appears red because the apple reflects red light and absorbs all the other colors.
TRUE or FALSE: The light from the moon is reflected sunlight.
When you are outside and in the sun, why do you feel warmer in black clothing than you do in white clothing?
The black clothing absorbs the rays of the sun, and the white clothing reflects them.
What are the colors in the visible light spectrum?
red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet (ROYGBIV)
Why can't anyone hear sounds in outer space?
Since there is no air on the moon, there is nothing for the sound to move through.