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Who are nation builders?
Individuals who have or are now making important contributions to the Jamaican society.
Nation builders contribute at two levels.Name them.
Community and National level.
Good nation builders posses ___________ and are _______ .They show _________ and have the ability to influence their followers
People who contribute to the society but are not recongnize for their work are called.....
Unsung hereos
Name some qualities of nation builders/leaders.
- show love
- loyal
- honest
- prosper
- peaceful
Name some ways in which we honour our nation builders.
- by setting aside a special day
- awarding them with medals and certificates for various achievements.
- we build monuments and name places after them.
Occupation refers to.....
A profession or job a person has.
Name some different categories of work.
high wages/low wages
licensed/non-licensed job
A form of on the job training is called .....
Which industry deals with the extraction of raw materials?
primary industry
What does the secondary industry deal with?
Processing and manufacturing of raw materials.
The tertiary or service industry entails.....
distribution, selling or the offering of ones service eg. the teacher,the doctor
STATIN classifies occupations into seven groups accordnig to .....
the activity the job demands.