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What is the modern day country that once was inhabited by the Maya?
The Mayan Empire was located on the ? Peninsulat.
A) Florida
B) Yucatan
C) Baja
D) Mexican
B) Yucatan
What was the main food that the Maya lived on?
Describe one way the Maya were able to grow crops on land that wasn't perfect (flat).
In hilly areas they built terraces to make it level for planting.
T or F, the Maya invented the idea and the number zero.
The Aztec Empire was located in the
A) The Valley of Mexico
B) The Valley of the Prickly Pear Cactus
C) The Valley of Despair
D) The Land of Decisions and Choices
A) The Valley of Mexico
What was the Name of the Aztec Capital? Describe the city? How is the city unique?
The capital is Tenochtitlan. It is an island. To connect the island to the valley they had to build bridges.
What is the Aztec name for the 'floating gardens?'
A) Chimpanzee
B) Impala
C) Squash
D) Chinampas
D) Chinampas
Explain how the Aztec culture could be described as cruel and beautiful at the same time.
It was cruel because they sacrificed people, but it was beautiful because they used quetzal feathers for decorations.
Why did the Aztec sacrifice humans to their Sun God?
They sacrificed humans so that the sun would rise.
T or F, the mound builders were located in what is today California.
What are the two reasons the Mound builders build their mounds?
1) to bury their dead
2) for religious purposes
The Mound Builders were later known as ? .
A) Missourians
B) Mississippians
C) Illinoisans
D) Louisianans
B) Mississippians
Name one example of where the remains of Mound Builders can be found today in Illinois?
What part of the U.S. did the Anasazi live in?
A) Northwest
B) Southwest
C) Southeast
D) Northeast
B) Southwest
What method did the Anasazi use to water their crops in the desert?