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Why was the Red River Rebellion important to Canada?
- led to List of Rights
- which led to the Manitoba Act
- which created the Province of Manitoba 1869 (2 years after B.N.A)
-- recognition of aboriginal title
What was the bison hunt?
- organized hunt by the Metis?
- ritual
- source of food, clothing
- was basis of Metis income (pemmican)
- strictly regulated = governed
Who was Thomas Scott?
- Memember of the Canadian Party
- Memember of the Orange order
- Executed by order of Louis Riel
- Threatened Louis Riel
- viewed as a martyr by Protestant Canadians
What was the Pemmican Proclamation of 1841?
Proclamation issued by McDougal. It stopped the Metis from selling Pemmican to the Northwest Company. Led to the Battle of the Seven Oaks.
What is a Dominion?
-- A country that rules itself
-- Can be part of monarchy
List 5 impacts the Fur Trade had on Native People
Disrupted way of life:
- Less time for securing own food and clothing
- Increased reliance on European goods
- Creation of Metis
- Disease: measles small pox,
- Alcoholism
Who was Cuthbert Grant?
- another leader of Metis
- ambused supply of HBC Pemmican
- saw it as compensation for Pemmican Proclamation
- later hired by George Simpson/ HBC
- see page 149 for details
What type of currency did the HBC use?
"Made Beaver"
- everything was judged in relation to the pelt of one adult male beaver.
Who was the Earl of Selkirk and why is he important to Canada?
-- Thomas Douglas
-- developed Red River colony for Scottish 1812
-- director of HBC
-- began the European settlement of the West
-- "catalyst" for creation of Manitoba
What was Rupert's Land?
- Rupert's land covered all the rivers that drained into the Hudson Bay.
- Granted to H.B.C by Charles II.
- Sold to Dominion of Canada in
What was the List of Rights?
- list of rights to protect Metis interest.
- Drafted during Red River Rebellion.
What was the NWC's strategy to make money?
- They would go to the Native People before they reached the H.B.C
- Added forts inland.
What is a provisional government?
a temporary government
Who were the Metis?
The Metis are the decendants of French Fur traders of the NWC and Native women.
Who was John Schultz?
- settler in Red River
-- owned Newspaper
-- Member of Orange Order
-- Anti- Catholic/ Anti-French
-- used newspaper to attack Metis
-- Organized the Canadian Party.
What was the seignerial pattern?
- the long-lot pattern of the seigneuries of New France
- used by Metis
- pattern ignored by land surveyors
Who was Robert Semple?
-- governor of Selkirk's colony in Red River
-- led the colonists side in the Battle of Seven Oaks.
-- Died in the battle.
Why did the Metis do better than the Plains Native People?
The Plains native people relied mainly on the bison for food,clothing, tools and culture. They did not farm. The Metis farmed and traded.
What was the Red River Settlement?
-- a settlement established by the Earl of Selkirk (in Southern Manitoba)
-- help evicted Scottish farmers/ crofters make a new life
-- provide food for the HBC
What was the Red River Rebellion of 1869?
1) Metis Rebellion that protested
- Sale of Rupert's Land without consultation
- Surveyors ignored Metis seigneural plot
- Land speculators selling Metis land to settlers.
What is the NWC?
- North West Trading Company
- Operated west of Rupert's Land
- Mostly French
What was a "Montrealer"?
Another name for the employees of the HBC?
What was HBC's trading policy?
- "Stay By the Bay."
- if they stayed by the Hudson Bay and wait for the furs Native people to arrive, they would save money on travel and expenses.
What is the HBC?
- The Hudson Bay Company.
- Oldest company in Canada
- Owned Rupert's land
- English owned
- Founded in 1670
What is a hierarchy?
- People in authority ranked from top to bottom.
- Ex. Owner --> Manager --> supervisor --> labourer
Who was Louis Riel?
- Educated leader of the Metis
- led Red River Rebellion
- Father of "Manitoba"
- elected M.P for province of Manitoba.
- lived in Exile after R.R. Reb
- Executed after N.W. Rebellion