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________ is a mixture of dirt and roots of grass used to build sod houses.
About how many farms are left in the U.S. today?
2 million
What hardships did families face is the 1800's?
-not enough to eat
-wolves ate chickens and hogs
-rabbits and deer ate gardens
-injuries (no doctors)
-squirrels and raccoons robbed cornfields
What is the most useful tool for a dairy farmer?
the milking machine
What was the most important new tool for prairie farmers is 1837?
Steel plows invented by John Deere.
How large was the average farm in 1900?
150 acres.
How are fertilizers and pesticides harmful?
They can wash into rivers killing fish and other wildlife.
What is the most important tool on most farms today?
The tractor.
How was most farmwork done in 1800?
By hand using somple iron tools.
What is added to soil to improve plant growth?
A tool for beating harvested grain is a _________.
What is a machine that cuts and threshes wheat at the same time?
What is added to soil to improve plant growth?
A ______ is a curved knife on a long handle used for cutting grain.
How did McCormocks reaper help farmers?
cutting the time needed to harvest grain.
A _____________ is a substance used on crops to kill insects and other pests.
What is a groove made in the soil for planting seeds?
How did fertilizers and pesticides help farmers?
grow more food om less land.
What were some of the chores farm children had to do in 1900?
chop wood,draw water, weed garden, gather eggs, milk cows, and feed the animals
Why do families sometimes give up farming?
They don't make enoough money to survive.
What does it mean to be self sufficient?
doing everything necessary to take care of yourself.
What is canning?
a method of preserving food by cooking and sealing it in cans or jars.
What do farmers of today have in common with farmers of 1800?
Farming is still hard work.