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Experiment found that children were able to reel in fishing lines faster when another child was around. What explains this
Social facilitation
Based on Zajonc's theory, the presence of others would produce what?
Your dominant response- in a hierarchy of responses it's the response you are most likely to make
Is it the mere presence of another person or is their evaluation that causes an effect on others?
According to study,even when a person has their back to you it adds to your arousal
Does having others around you make you better or worse at completing a task.
Depends. If it's an easy task then a passive audience helped but if difficult task it interferes with performance.
What is evaluation apprehension?
Concern over how one appears in the eyes of others
Will I exert greater or less effort when working on a group project?
According to social loafing theory, less
When large mobs suddenly become unruly and dangerous what may be occuring?
Deinividuation - the reduced sense of individual identity accompanied by dimisned self-regulatoin that comes over a person when he or she is in a large group
What does "emergent properties of groups" mean?
Some behaviors only surface of "emerge" when people are in groups
What is Zimbardo's model of deindividuation?
certain antecedents such as anonymity leads to an internal state of deindivdiuation which in turn leads to beahvioral effects that in others situations would be kept under control
On Halloween night, you find yourself stealing candy along with a group of trick or treaters? What antecedents may be accounting for this according to Zimbardo?
Anonymity can lead to impulsivity.
Diffusion of responsibility can lead to irrationality.
Energizing affects of others can lead to weaking of internal controls
Stimulus overload can lead to antisocial activity
(i don't really like this question so this may not make much sense)
If I get a funky new haircut, I may feel like everyone has noticed and is talking about it. What theory(s) account for this?
Self-consciousness and the spotlight effect. The spotlight effect is people's conviction that people are attending to them more than they really are
What theory explains why people cheat less in front of a mirror?
Self-awareness theory - when people focus their attention inwards they become concerned with self-evaluation and how their current behaviors confroms to their internal standards and values
What theory may explain the logic in the Bush administrations decision to going into war with Iraq?
Groupthink: a kind of faulty thinking on the part of highly cohesive groups in which the critical scrutiny that should be devoted to the issues at hand is subverted by social pressures to reach consensus
What is risky shift?
The tendency for groups to make riskier decisions than individuals
If I sorta don't like broccoli and I talk to 5 other people who don't care for broccoli either, what will likely the group's reported attitudes towards broccoli after talking to each other?
The would really hate broccoli according to group polarization