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Define sociobiology
A field that contends that many forms of behavior can be understood within the context of efforts by the organisms to pass their genes on to the next generation.
What is Individualism?
A cultural value emphasizing the impotance of the individual rights and goals. Individuals are seen as interdependent with their group.
Define external or ecological validity
The extent to which findings from research can be generalizedto the real world
What is common-sence knowledge?
The informal information that has accumulated in a variety of ways, but has never been tested by scientific methods and often presents confussing and inconsistant conclusions
What is evolutionary social psychology?
A newly emerging area of research that seeks to understand the potential role of genetic factors in varios aspects of social behavior.
What is collectivism?
A cultural value emphasizing the importance of group goals. Individuals are seen as inter dependent with their group.
Confounding is
Confusion that occurs when the factors other then the independent variable in an experiment vary across the experimental conditions.When confounding occurs, it is impossiable to determine wether results stem from the effects of the independent variable or from the other variables
Define social psychology.
The scientific feild that seeks to understand the nature and causes of individual behavior and thoughts in social situuations.
Culture is
The organized system of sharedbeleifs held by persons belonnging to a particular group. this this of includes a particular language or system of communications and organizations, as well as artifacts and artistic productions of that group.
What are theories?
Attempts by scientists to understand why certain events or processes occur as they do.
Informed concent is
A procedure by which subjects are told in ad vance about the activities they will perform during an experiment . The subjects then take part in the study only if they are willing to engage in such activities
What is the experimental method.
A research approach in which one factor is systematically varied to to demterime its effects and the subjects behavior.
Explain random assignment of subjects to groups
A basic requirement for conducting valid experiments.According to this principle, research particippants must have an equal chance of being exposed to each level of the independent variable
Define deception methodolgy.
A procedure offen used in experiments: involves withholding information from subjects or sometimes providing false imformation.
What is the dependent vairiable?
The aspect of the subject's behavior that is measured by the experimentor to determine if it is affected by the independent variable..
What is debriefing
Procedures at the conclusion of a research session in which participants are given full information about the nature of the research and the hypothesis under investigation
What is an independent variable?
The factor that is systematically varied in an experiment.
What is cognative dissonance
An unpleasant state that occurs when individuals discover inconsistancies between two of their attitudes and their behavior
Define the correlational method.
A research approach in which two variables are measured to determine whether changes in one variable are associated with changes in the second.
Alcohol myopia hypothesis is
The concept that a person becomes cognatively short sighted when intoxicated. The individual will tend to notice only the most compelling clues to behavior in the immediate enviroment and and fail to take into account long-term or less immediate factors
The multicultural perspective is the
Focus on understanding the cultural and ethnic factors that influence social behaviorand that contribute to differences in social behavior and that contribute to differences in social behavior or social thought between various ethnic and cultural groups