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The main reason people are living longer today than before is due to the improvement in which of the following conditions?
Better food, better housing, betting clothing, and an improvement in sanitation.
What is said to be the leading cause of death among Americans from birth to middle age?
What approach sees mental disorders as a product of an individuals inability to cope effectively with social life?
Personal Maladjustment
Medical sociologist David Mechanic defined illness and disability as:
"The rope" in a tug of war in which competing parties seek determination in their own interest.
Which model defines health as the absence of disease determined by a combination of reports of patients, personnel and medical tests?
The model where people define health on the basis of subjective evaluation of their own state of being is known as the:
Psychological model
When health refers to the ability of people to function socially in performing certain appropriate and expected roles, the model in the force is the:
Functional model
In disussing Health Care USA- A System in Crisis: The spiraling cost of running the often disjointed system of health care if desired as:
The Bad
When the Health Care System is working well, it is capable of dramatic accomplishments, including extending life expectancy. This system is called:
The Good
According to your hand-outs on poverty, what supports the problems of poverty in the US?
Americans with low incomes do have far fewer resources than those with higher income.
According to the current "beyond text" notes, the unequal access to health care in America is known as what system?
The Ugly
The overall physical wellness and longevity of a population are directly related to what?
The level of medical technology.
The number of trained health care professionals in a given society.
The sociological perspective which suggests that the health care system is designed to serve the rich and powerful, and this neglects the needs of the poor is:
Conflict perspective
The large economic gap between rich and poor in the US questions the notion that we live in a society based on ______ for all, yet poverty is a serious problem in the US.
The standard measure usually showing lack of sufficient money for food, shelter and clothing is known as:
The absolute definition of poverty.
The percentage of Americans whose income falls below the poverty line for a family of 4 is:
The official poverty rate.
Poverty is measured by which of the following approaches?
The belief that each individual is personally responsible for his or her own economic success or failure is known as:
Ideology of individualism
Although racial and ethnic minorities have consistently been rated among the poorest Americans, other groups have seen their status change over time. Among them are:
Persons over 65 years of age.
Women and children.
The most publically visible consequences of poverty in America is which of the following:
The problem of low wages and too few jobs for people at the bottom of the social ladder is which of the following explanations of poverty?
Economic explanation
When discussing poverty, we may think of urban ghettos. However, it is also as high in which area?
Rural areas
According to your handout of the FACES OF POVERTY, a widespread stereotype links poverty to inner cities of the US. Although minorities are more likely to be disadvantaged, most of the US poor are which of the following:
A government program which provides financial assistance to poor people who are blind and disabled and elderly is called?
Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
In our debate on who should be blamed for the problem of poverty in the US, we made which of the following conclusions?
While both victim and system may be blamed, to some degree, it is fair to lean more toward thje system since inequalities exist which stem from the system.
According to the video Poverty Outlaw, the Kensington Welfare Rights Organization's objective was compared to what?
Operation underground railroad
The video also shows the structure of the groups gave then women a sense of what?
"Someone to watch their backs"
"People can get what they are organized to take"
The Surgeon General's Report on Nutrition and Health concluded that North Americans don't eat enough:
Fruits and vegetables
When poverty is defined by dividing the poor from the non-poor based on the wealth and income of the average person, the _____ approach is used.
According to the video, which system focuses more attention to health care for women giving birth than any other group?
Canadian health care system
According to the video, Border Line Medicine, is comparing the Canadian and US health systems, it is believed that:
The Canadian system functions (operates) better than the US in meeting the health needs of its people.
Despite the problems created by the movement to deinstitutionalize mental health patients, which is the best way to all but most severly disturbed people?
Community based care.
The AIDS epidemic is growing fastest in Asia. However, it is likely to have its most dangerous effect in:
The group among the poor often defined as those whose income is less than half the poverty level is known as:
Extreme poverty
According to the American Psychiatric Association's DMS, what is the disorder that is far more common than the others?
Anxiety disorder
One of the problems of our health care system is the growing demand of internists and general practitioners to be "gate keepers of the system". This is known as:
Managed health care system
In terms of improving welfare, most industrial nations have taken the approach where everyone is eligible for assistance. This is known as:
Non-catagorical programs
According to your hand-out on poverty; which of the following view shows that social policies that empower the poor would give them real economic opprotunity and yield more economic equality?
Blame society
The theory that sees crime, mental illnesses and other conditions as deviance is which of the following?
In terms of mental disorders, most of the earlier biological theorists studied which of the following?
The professor dictated current notes for "Tackling the US Health Care System." Which of the following are ways to solve the problem?
Use preventative medicine to prolong life expectancy.
Provide equal access to health care for all.
Cut costs in health care by offering higher pay and more professional authority for nurses.
The lowest social stratum where the long term poor are excluded from the mainstream of society is called:
The underclass
According to your last hand-out on Poverty, many social scientists consider the official number of poor people to be a serious matter. The reason for this is:
The government gives an unrealistic low poverty income level.
A theory which holds that an individual will experience serious psychological problems if exposed to excessive levels of stress is known as:
Stress theory
According to your hand-out, Banfield saw poor people as living largely for the moment. This view clearly shows which of the following?
Blaming the victim
Ryan insists that poverty is NOT inevitable; this problem is caused by low income, not personal deficiency. This view suggests which of the following?
Weighing the evidence of both views.
The perspective that explains the ways we develop unhealthy habits and lifestyles is the:
Interactionist perspective
The case of Ruth Acosta showed that:
Many people liked her and her family, do not share the American Dream of affluence and comfort.
Economic uncertainty is another part of being poor.
Many feminists are more receptive to the conflict perspective than the functionalist analysis of health care. The reason for this is:
Exploitation of the poor and working class suggests systematic repression of women in all aspects of health care.
An attitude or prejudgment toward people in a particular social catagory (race, age, ethnicity, etc.) based on unfound generalizations is termed:
That which holds that extreme prejudice is a personality trait linked to persons who conform rigidly to cultural values and norms is:
Authoritarian personality
Which of the following theories suggest that frustrations lead to prejudice on the part of people who can vent their hostility onto powerless people, even though this approach is not rational?
An inaccurate description of a catagory of people even when the evidence would contradict the description is called:
A catagory of people with common biological traits, such as skin color, body type, etc., is known as:
The two most common bases of minority group status are:
Behavior patterns that result in treating various catagories of people differently based on their race or ethnicity is referred to as:
_____ is a cultural heritage consisting of language, religion, and ancestral origin shared by a catagory of people.
Which of the following theories views ethnic discrimination as both a cause and effect of social disorganization?
A more pervasive and destructive form of prejudice based on the belief that one racial catagory is innately superior or inferior to another is known as:
What are the major features of a minority group?
They maintain a distinctive identity.
They are subordinated throughout the social stratification system.
The negative response of whites to affrimative action or other programs designed to assist disadvantaged minorities is known as:
Whit backlash
Another important source of prejudice and discrimination can be found in the way a society structures its economic, political, and social activities, is referred to as:
Institutional discrimination
That which portrays all members of a particular ethnic group as having similar, fixed, usually unfavorable traits is referred to as:
Ethnic sterotypes
In terms of class, William Julius Wilson argues that race is no longer a cause of the problems of African Americans, instead he suggests that:
African Americans are born and trapped in a self-perpetuating cycle of poverty.
In America, children with a black and a white parent are traditionally considered to be:
According to the video: The Shadow of Hate, which of the following groups established their own businesses and farms, yet could not buy homes because they were not declared citizens by law?
The American "Know Nothing" party had to do with immigrants of which of the following?
Irish Catholics
In 1882, the Immigration Acts were passed which added which of the following groups to that list?
The second largest American minority (about 10.3%) due to heavy immigrations will probably outnumber African Americans in the near future is:
The group looked upon as an accident, as animal like, and a threat to white Americans in terms of their religious affiliation were:
Irish Catholics
In terms of race relations, the folk hero, Henry Ford, employed 1/2 million people with his company, yet he:
Produced newspapers to expose Jews because he believed they caused trouble.
The ethnic group, which built the continental railroads and were confined to ghetto life in American despite their important skills, were:
Among the immigrants, the ethnic group where life was most difficult for the elderly, but life for the young was beyond barbed wire fences and they had a "bright tommorow" to expect in the future was:
In view of the history of immigrants to the US, in 1950 over 3000 African Americans were lynched and the case of James Cameron showed:
False allegations can lead to the loss of one's life based on racism.
Which of the following groups of earlier immigrants were tolerated by the US because of its need for cheap labor in railroad construction in the west?
Which of the following scholars concluded that contradictory social expectations adolescence experience lead to an identity crisis?
Erik Erikson
The period of childhood in our society from birth through age 17 is subdivided into which of the following?
Infancy, childhood, and adolescence.
The deteioration of the protected status accorded our children is known as:
Erosion of childhood.
The group which is often emotionally and economically responsible for both their young children and their aging parents has recently been referred to as:
"The sandwhich generation"
Which of the following is considered a rite of passage?
A marriage ceremony
Which of the following sociological theories has long been concerned with the social process of aging and with the ways that social definitions shape our attitudes and behaviors?
Which perspective suggests that the most effective response to the life cycle is political action?
Which of the following groups are known as the fastest growing segment of the elderly?
Groups of people of similar age are called?
The personal crisis typical of adolescence in which people try to define who they are and how they fit into society is known as:
Identity crisis
According to Lessons from Other Places, your authors state that "In order to understand the differences in rates of teen suicide between US and Japan, we must:
Look to the schools.
Look to youth subcultures and family environments.
The Kimmel study of masculinity states that Americans manhood should not be based on which of the following?
Obsessive self control
Defensive exclusion
Frightened escape
The patterns of ethnic relations identified by your authors include:
According to the video: A house divided, when Dorothy's health failed, what was her attitude toward being placed in a nursing home?
Refused to be institutionalized.
Did not easily accept young people as she became older.
According to our discussion of myths and facts about the elderly, the statement that "the elderly are always sick and most are in nursing homes: is:
False, because over 80% are healthy enough to engage in normal activities.
False, because only 6% are confined to nursing homes.
It is also believed that the elderly are not politically active. This belief is:
False, because current statistics show that folks 65 and older are more likely to vote than any other group.
It is believed that within ______ cultures, the elderly people are revered more than any other cultures.