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The amount of money a person earns or recieves from other sources in a given year.
A person's total economic assets.
1. Having insufficient resources to provide a minimum standard of living.
2. Being sufficiently worse off financially than the average person in one's society.
Absolute approach
Defining poverty by dividing the poor from the non poor on the basis of an objective standard.
Relative approach
Dividing the poor from the nonpoor on the basis of wealth and income of the average person.
Extreme poverty
The poorest of the poor. Often defined as those whose income is less than half the poverty level.
Those in the lower part of the poverty class who are excluded from the economic and cultural mainstream of society.
Ideology of individualism
The belief that each individual is personally respobsible for his or her own economic success or failure.
Aid to Familes with Dependent Children
A welfare program providing financial aid to poor mothers.
Social Security
A government administered program providing pensions for older Americans.
Supplemental Security Income
A government program that provides financial assistance to poor people who are blind, disabled, or elderly.
Food Stamp Program
A welfare program that gives people coupons to exchange for food.
Family Allowance
A welfare program that provides a small government allowance for every family with children.
Culture of poverty
A theory that holds there is a self-perpetuating subculture among some (but not all) poor people that helps trap them in poverty.
Those who believe that the lifestyle of the poor is the product of their social situation rather than of a culture of poverty.
Job Retraining
A program that teaches workders new skills.
Noncatagorical program
A welfare program with no restrictions on eligibility.