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hypothesis are tested by planing?
what you know from seeing hearing and or feeling?
a scientific guess
when a hypothesis is found to be correct it becomes a?
what is the dependent varibal? independent varibal? control? constant?
the factor adjusted by the experament
independent varibal is on what axis?
x axis
what axis is the dependent varibal on?
y axis
waht is the basic metric unit of length?
what is the basic metric unit of mas?
define speed
rate of change in potion
define velocity
rate of motion in direction discribes both speed and direction
define acceleration
rate of change in volicty
how are speed and volicty different?
speed is limit while volicty has direction
reat of change in potion is?
speed plus direction is called?
the rate of change of volicty is called?
the rate of motion that doesnt change is?
constant speed
the unit for speed is?
the unit for acceleration is?
the unit used for volicty is?
the unit used for time is?
sec or s
the unit used for acceleration due to gravity is?
mass divided by acceleration
what is acceleration due to gravity? give example
ball falling from sky, incress of volicty due to the force of object
what does deceleration mean?
decreases of speed negitive rate of charge
whitch of Newtons laws of motion states that an object at rest will stay at rest or an object in motion will stay in motion until acted apon by outside force?
first law
whitch of Newtons laws of motion is illustrated by the forward motion of a passenger when a car suddenly stops moving? what is the term we learned for this?
Newtons first law,,,inercia
any pull or push is called?
teh product of mass times acceleration equals?
what term is used to describe the tendency of an object to keep moving?
a force that opposes motion between two surfaces that are touching each other is?
the downword force excrted by earth is?
on the earth a feather will fall more slowly than a brick because of?
air restance
define weight
gravitational force between earth adn any body at earths surface
which of Newtons laws explaines that as the mass increases the amount of force needed to move the objec aslso increase?
Newtons 2nd law
the frictional force air excerts on a moving object is called?
air restance
using the same force which mass would have the greater acceleration- larger mass or smaller?
smaller mass
the path of a projectile object is?
the two conponents of a curved motion are?
the motion of an object parrallel to the surface of earth is?
the force directed toward the center of a circle or curve is called?
centriptial force
state Newtons 3rd law of motion
when one object excerts a force on a 2nd object the second object excerts a force on the first that is equal in size and opposite in direction
state the law of conservation of motion
the total amount of momentum of a group of objects does not change unless out side force act on the objects
define work
the transfer of energy through motion
define kinetic energy
energy in the form of motion
define potential energy
stored energy amount of potential energy a sample of matter has a perals on its potion or conduction
a wave is... it transfers
a rythem disturbance that carries energy through matter or space
a wave is... its transfers
a rythem disturbance that carries energy through matter or
in a transvers wave the medium move?
at right angles to the dircetion the wave travles
frequency what unit is it usly exressed?
number of wave crest that pass one place.. herts
as the frequency increases the wave length?
matter vibrates in a compressional wave
in a direction that the wave length is going
define compression and frequency
the deasearea in a compressonal wave, the less dstance are in a compresice wave
a pitch is?
highness or lowness of a sound
the higher the frequency the ____ the pitch... the lower the frequency the ______ the pitch?
higher,,, lower
the intensity of a sound wave depends on?
amount of energy in each wave
loudness is?
human perseption of sound intensity
define the doppler effect
obdervatied when the sourface of sounf is moving relation to observer
dfine the electromagneneitc spectrum. name the compontenets of spectrum
group of transire waves produced by motion of electitry charged particals, specturmaranges from low frequency/energy raido waves to high frequnecy/energy raido waves
use your mnemonic device
it is only visible portion of the electromagnetic specturn
differentiate between opaque, transparent, and translucent materials
opaque obsorvs or reflects all light
transparent allows light to pass
through clean
translucent allows light to pass
throught not that clear though
what are the primary colors
red blue and green
what are the primary colors of pigment?
yellow, magenta, and cyan
the electromagnetic radiation haveing wavelengths just longer than visibal light is?
infared raidation
the electromagnetic radiation having the shourtest wavelength is?
raido waves
what is the trick you can use to remember the correct order of the visible colors?
which color has the longer wavelength?
which color has the shourtast wavelenght?
radiation with wavelengths just a little shourter than visible light is?
ultraviloite radiation
a mirror that is curved like the inside of a spoon is?
what is reflection?
when a wave strikes an object and bounches off
what is refraction?
bending of waves caused by change in speed
a mirror that is curved like the outside of a spoon?
convex mirror
what does inverted man? upright?
upside down...right side up
what is a real image? a virtual image?
rays of light meet at images,,, images in which no light rays pass
what is an insulator? conductor?
matirial that doesnt allow electrons to move through easy
what does inverted man? upright?
upside down...right side up
what is an insulator? conductor?
matirial that doesnt allow electrons to pass through easy... material that allows electrons to move throght easily <wire, metals, water>
what are the three parts of an atom
electronsm protrons, newtron
what is staic electricty?
accumlation of electric charge on an object
what rule do electrically charged atoms obey?
oppsite change to attract and like charges repal
what causes lighting?
a vary large discharge of static electricty
what is a lighting rod?
pointed metal rod that extends above the higest point of structer with a cable that connects the rod to the grund