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Bones that protect the brain are called:
Cranial Bones
the forehead:
Frontal Bone
The top of the cranium is made up of these two bones:
Parietal Bones
The bone in the rear of the cranium:
Two cranial bones on the sides near the ears:
The bone inside the Skull:
Sphenoid Bone
Saddle bone where the Pituatary Gland is:
Sella Turcica:
Bone in the skull that is straight and reaches into the nasal cavity:
Ethmoid Bone
The round indent on the anterior portion of the inside of the skull:
Cribriform Plate
The ridge in teh middle on top of the Ethmoid bone:
Crista Galli
Bump on the Occipital Bone:
External Occipital Protuberance
Opening for the ear (is a hole):
External Auditory Meatus
Projection behind the ear:
Mastoid Process
Large hole on the bottom where the brain stem exits:
Foramen Magnum
Smooth bumps (one on each side) of the Foramen Magnum:
Occipital Condyles
Indentation where the Mandible sits:
Mandibular Fossa
Ridge above the eye:
Supraorbital ridges
Hole above the eyes:
Supraorbital Foramen
Where the Skull bones meet:
Suture Lines
This suture line is between the two Parietal Bones:
Sagital Suture
This suture line is found between the Parietal and the Frontal bone:
Frontal (Coronal) Suture
This suture is found between the Occipital and Parietal bones:
Lambdoidal Suture
Spaces inside a bone:
This sinus is found in the frontal bone:
Frontal Sinus