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This lesion is asymptomatic and present x 8 yrs. The lesion in question is flat and differs from the surrounding skin only by lack of melanocytes.
Vitiligo (autoimmune)
A 24 yr old construction worker complains of “white spots” only on the chest and back x 1 year. The patient is asymptomatic and only notes the “rash” in the summer.
Tinea versicolor (fungus)
type of vascular lesion: diameter is < 0.5 cm
type of vascular lesion: bleeding into the skin from trauma
found with infection such as cellulitis, and is due to type of vascular lesion: capillary vasodilation and will blanche with pressure and would be warm and tender to palpation
type of vascular lesion: does not blanche
A 29 yr old man presents with a 6 yr history of lesions on both knees anteriorly. Scaly, erythematous well-defined plaques
define psoriasis. what parts?
hyperproliferation of epidermal cells, with an accelerated migration time of 5 days, and characteristically forms a scaly plaque over the flexural surfaces of joints such as the knee. and SCALP
This 26 yr old male complains of facial and scalp pruritus x 1 year, and worse in the winter. Exam shows erythematous scaly plaques at the naso-labial folds, eyebrows and scalp
Seborrheic dermatitis
A 69 yr old female has noted gradual enlargement of this asymptomatic lesion on the right face over 8 yrs. ellow-brown lesions are benign, found commonly in the elderly on the face and trunk, have a “stuck on” wart-like (fissured) appearance. elevated.
Seborrheic keratosis
A 67 yr old female has noted these asymptomatic lesions on the hands and arms for yrs. irregular border and variable pigment.
scaly papules/plaques are found in sun exposed areas
actinic keratoses
A 48 yr old male presents with pruitic purplish and scaly plaques and papules on both lower legs for 1 year.
lichen planus
A 71 year old notes this lesion on the face, slowly enlarging x 8 months. The lesion is a 2 cm “pearl” colored nodule with a central ulceration. usually photosensitive.
basal cell carcinoma
A 71 year old notes this lesion on the face, slowly enlarging x 1 months. The lesion is a 2 cm “pearl” colored nodule with a central ulceration.
A 67 yr old male noted this enlarging nodule x 8 months. sun-related neoplasm of keratinocytes, and often presents as a firm nodule which can be scaly and crusty.
Squamous cell carcinoma
2 dogs, developed this rash after going barefooted in his yard.
Target lesions
A 25 yr old man has noted these progressively enlarging lesions on the hands for 1 year. Rough surface. What is the primary lesion and diagnosis?
warts, HPV virus
A 56 yr old male presents with this slowly enlarging lesion on the dorsal wrist x 1 year, with slight pain on movement of the fingers. What is the name of this lesion if it moves with the tendon, is soft and 3 cm in diameter and transilluminates
A 67 yr old diabetic patient has a 4 day history of mild discomfort and redness of the right foot. The area of redness is enlarging. The redness blanches with palpation, the skin is warm to touch and tender to palpation.
This patient presents with severe pain in the fingernail shown x 1 day. The erythematous plaque (arrow) blanches and is warm and tender to palpation.
Nail pitting
Marked hyperkeratosis of nails is characteristic of what infectious disease?
dermatophyte (fungal) infection onychomycosis
This 31 yr old healthy male presents with sudden focal hair loss over 1 month
Alopecia arreta
slow hair loss
androgenic baldness
stress related hair loss
Telogen effluvium
According to the mother, the boy’s rash started 4 days ago as reddish pustules below his nose. The rash is pruitic and has spread around his mouth and chin. His sister’s rash started about a day ago as reddish pustules around the mouth.
nose and mouth, hands, and forearms. children.pustules (sometimes vesicles or bullae) which eventually rupture, leaving small wet patches of red skin that may weep fluid and form a honey crust and extends to the epidermis
A 55 yr old male presents with a 2 year history of redness and “bumps” on his nose. Physical exam shows redness of the nose and cheeks, facial telangectasia along with elevated lesions < 1 cm in diameter.
on the mucous membranes of the mouth only, ulcer
Aphtous stomatitis
child with vesicles on mouth, fever and URI
7 month old baby with large confluent plaques that are beefy red. satellite lesions, ill defined border.
7 month old baby actively defined border without satellit lesions
tunica cruris
Dozens of lesions randomly distributed across chest and abdomen. Each lesion is bright red. They are firm to palpation and blanche, have a grooved surface and are < 1 cm in diameter.
cherry angiomas
multiple fluid-filled lesions on hands and forearms, along with scarring. photosensitive bullae
Porphyria cutanea tarda
R anterior tibia---- 1.5 cm firm, tan-pinkish in color, non-tender well demarcated lesion. It dimples with lateral pressure.